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If there be…..

If there be that notion concept of the devil then he has already made known to me his representation in that he is aware of my name and thus I have paid that price that was stated would be paid for my non allegiance and further more he has gone beyond that and shown himself to be that originator of lies for in his vengeance and anger he does seek to take things further in an attempt to de-sway me from that path which I have chosen….


If there be that notion concept of god then he has made known his presence in physicality for surely I should not be here in light of those things that I have seen and done and yet I awoke this morning to once again see the rising of the sun and bear witness to the passing of this day….

The Old Oakhamian Lodge


The Old Oakhamian Masonic Lodge is probably one of the most regular and widely supported sections, running under the Old Oakhamian banner.

Since its consecration in May 1965, the Lodge has been very fortunate to have had the wonderful support from the Headmasters, who have enabled us to hold our meetings, initially in the Barraclough Hall, and more recently, in the Old Hall, in School House.

The Lodge meets four times a year, on the second Saturdays in March, May, October and December (the May meeting being the Installation of the new Master).

The Lodge has become a focal point for so many Old Boys, who have kept up their close association with the school, together with the ideals furthered by Freemasonry.

The membership of the Lodge covers a wide range of old boys, from the more recent years to as far back as just a few of us who experienced the wartime years (when the end of term was the only time one could venture beyond the shores of Oakham). We are able to conjoin all our experiences and enjoy the tales of bygone years in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

The Lodge is very highly rated within the Masonic Province of Leicestershire and Rutland, and naturally attracts a large number of visitors, who are always welcome at our meetings. Many travel long distances to be with us.

We also have a commendable charity record and we support quite a number of associations local to Oakham.

Feel free to visit our website, where you will find all the latest information about the Lodge, its foundation, its aims, its members and contacts should you wish to know more about us. or google: Old Oakhamian Lodge

Its all very well granting access to be seen to be working but in reality those that require access have already been filtered out so it’s merely those with money looking for redress and seeking even more money of course there will be the odd case that is let through to legitimize the whole system but in reality it is not for the support or enhancement of John Smith is it more the likes of Alan Duncan

What am I fighting for….

My youngest is on half term. Already within one week of applying to colleges he’s been invited to interviews. The first question they ask is is he boarding. The schools in Oakham are for the elite (post coding in practice). Rutland is home to some of the oldest and most élite families in England and thus to have been educated here opens many doors before you’ve even started. It is thus that when the police and council and mps state that they do not want my kind here I know fully what it is that they are afraid of, the freedom of choice for my children. It has been so difficult to keep him within the school system something which to my shame I was unable to manage with his older brother. I did not know enough to save and assist his brother no matter how much I tried. It is only with determination self education and a determinism that negates consideration for the self that thus far I have been successful with Isaiah and I say thus far because the struggle is not over and he still has six months to go and each day brings a new challenge or battle for those that are determined that I should not be here and feel confident enough to tell me that to my face. I breathe a little easier knowing that there is a possibility of success not for myself but for my son. But in reality the battle continues ;s 

six months and counting…..

@RutlandPolice…. As my own legal representative I put in a request for a copy of the charges, interview tapes and custody records in relation to two arrests and illegal detentions six months ago. As yet I have received none of the above despite inquires reminders and complaints ;s the rule of law is broken beyond repair or so it would seem within Rutland. During this same period the police continue to monitor my sites, in an attempt and hope more than likely to sit down once again with the CEO of Rutland County Council, MP Alan Duncan and local school headmaster Williams to have me arrested. When you refuse to allow citizens access to legal redress what is it that you attempting to achieve other than discontent and the taking of law into the hands of the populace. 

I have some of the strangest conversations with the strangest of peeps and I have to stop think about it and check it out…. the two guys that tried to rush me last night their cousin a London boy as he put it having heard my accent come and wanted to chat with me…. I’m a reasonable man an if you approach me in a way I will converse for thus is to learn and thus is to share…. after we done chat and he said he thought that his family was being a bit out of order but is family what can you do he wanted to know if I was gonna kick their asses when I bump into them one at a time…. I told him I don’t carry on like that co’s I’m not a man looking war on the streets…. but what was strange to me was that he said even during the heat of the incident he felt that I had some form of spirituality about me and he wanted to know if I was a Christian ;o I asked him to justify that and he said that he had examined many religions and taken from each what he wanted to but that there was something that the felt about myself and Isaiah that he could relate to and feel but he wasn’t sure what it was…. I’m thinking now is pure drink this man talking right now…. but I felt no animosity from him and he seemed pretty comfortable chatting to me…. I have to wonder sometimes what it is that motivates and drives people…. I mean he tried all the other macho bullshit about you seem like a safe guy and we both from London and that but there was an aspect of sincerity that came from him even within his own confusion…. the way my mind works it will be a few days before I have thought through what happened and watched the action replays in my mind but I am of the opinion that good can come from all things…. blessings xxxX 

five drunk people outside my home…. all acting threateningly saying what they were going to do to me… two of them brothers attempted to rush me and ended up on the floor… the police turn up and talk to all five of them then leave… because I was the one that was being assaulted the police left without even knocking on my door to ask what happened… raciest Rutland police this is a clear breach of your official public duty in that you are aware that individuals attempted to assault one person and you have chosen not to act… life  as usual in Oakham…!  Question what if this had been five blacks and one white guy aged 50…? headlines news ;s

British National Party membership and contacts list, reference – WikiLeaks,_reference


Now where does that copper live again ;o 

Impose those thoughts words and deeds upon yourself before another for it is only thus that you may understand that if we are not actively building one another up we are in fact knocking, holding one another down, it’s time that we were all free to be….! 


I am going to explain why I am comfortable and confident in calling the Rt Hon Alan Duncan Minister of state for International Development a cunt. After experiencing discrimination form every quarter within the County of Rutland and all governmental departments that I turned to for assistance including but not restricted to the police, council and judiciary I wrote to my local MP for assistance. I had reached the end of my tether I was ready to kill the next person that called me a nigger or assaulted my son whom lived with me at the time and was being continually assaulted on both the streets of Oakham and within the Local school, then the Vale of Catmose College. I informed Alan Duncan that enough was enough and that I was going to fight back no matter what the cost and that someone was going to get killed because I…

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