I am going to explain why I am comfortable and confident in calling the Rt Hon Alan Duncan Minister of state for International Development a cunt. After experiencing discrimination form every quarter within the County of Rutland and all governmental departments that I turned to for assistance including but not restricted to the police, council and judiciary I wrote to my local MP for assistance. I had reached the end of my tether I was ready to kill the next person that called me a nigger or assaulted my son whom lived with me at the time and was being continually assaulted on both the streets of Oakham and within the Local school, then the Vale of Catmose College. I informed Alan Duncan that enough was enough and that I was going to fight back no matter what the cost and that someone was going to get killed because I wasn’t taking any more. I’m still some three years later awaiting his response. It is thus that I say he is a cunt and his actions are cuntish not only to me and mine but to all British peoples. He was and continues to be willing for anyone to die within his constituent rather than deal with the racist bullying behaviour of Rutland County Council it’s schools and it’s police force. Now what you need to think about is this, every member of the British public is expendable to its government. Things that happen in society do not happen by chance. Our system is already aware of those that are being driven to the point of explosion or implosion knowingly and we are served by a government that is willingly and actively promoting this in practice. Our government know the cost of their acts and omissions upon all members of this society and not only allow such things but initiate them. And it is thus that I say you are a cunt Alan Duncan and your actions are cuntish. I’ll await my ? actually I have lost count of how many times I have been arrested and dragged through the courts but this year it has only been twice ;s illegally arrested and detained with no explanation and no response to my complaints but I’ll await those cunts..tables that seem so eager to do your bidding….. The thing about modernity is that there is such a long and concise paper trail leading right back to your door that to deny such things is impossible hence in all my arrests and intimidations the only thing I have not been accused of is lying ummmmm…. where as you are a fucking liar aren’t you….!
Don’t think I’ve forgotten about you you stinking bitch chief executive Helen Briggs of Rutland County Council the explanation of my hatred for you and for Stuart Williams principal of Catmose College are to follow…..!