The Old Oakhamian Lodge


The Old Oakhamian Masonic Lodge is probably one of the most regular and widely supported sections, running under the Old Oakhamian banner.

Since its consecration in May 1965, the Lodge has been very fortunate to have had the wonderful support from the Headmasters, who have enabled us to hold our meetings, initially in the Barraclough Hall, and more recently, in the Old Hall, in School House.

The Lodge meets four times a year, on the second Saturdays in March, May, October and December (the May meeting being the Installation of the new Master).

The Lodge has become a focal point for so many Old Boys, who have kept up their close association with the school, together with the ideals furthered by Freemasonry.

The membership of the Lodge covers a wide range of old boys, from the more recent years to as far back as just a few of us who experienced the wartime years (when the end of term was the only time one could venture beyond the shores of Oakham). We are able to conjoin all our experiences and enjoy the tales of bygone years in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

The Lodge is very highly rated within the Masonic Province of Leicestershire and Rutland, and naturally attracts a large number of visitors, who are always welcome at our meetings. Many travel long distances to be with us.

We also have a commendable charity record and we support quite a number of associations local to Oakham.

Feel free to visit our website, where you will find all the latest information about the Lodge, its foundation, its aims, its members and contacts should you wish to know more about us. or google: Old Oakhamian Lodge