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what conspiracy ;s

How convenient that the DWP all of a sudden have lost all my email communications and don’t know what I am talking about when I point out the fact that they have broken my jobseekers agreement… have you jokers been talking to Duncan Smith or Helen Briggs or maybe Stewart Williams as they have that same tendency to lie misrepresent the truth and not answer emails when the truth is pointed out to them…! 


what conspiracy ;s 

why I am comfortable and confident in calling the Rt Hon Alan Duncan Minister of state for International Development a cunt

I am going to explain why I am comfortable and confident in calling the Rt Hon Alan Duncan Minister of state for International Development a cunt. After experiencing discrimination form every quarter within the County of Rutland and all governmental departments that I turned to for assistance including but not restricted to the police, council and judiciary I wrote to my local MP for assistance. I had reached the end of my tether I was ready to kill the next person that called me a nigger or assaulted my son whom lived with me at the time and was being continually assaulted on both the streets of Oakham and within the Local school, then the Vale of Catmose College. I informed Alan Duncan that enough was enough and that I was going to fight back no matter what the cost and that someone was going to get killed because I wasn’t taking any more. I’m still some three years later awaiting his response. It is thus that I say he is a cunt and his actions are cuntish not only to me and mine but to all British peoples. He was and continues to be willing for anyone to die within his constituent rather than deal with the racist bullying behaviour of Rutland County Council it’s schools and it’s police force. Now what you need to think about is this, every member of the British public is expendable to its government. Things that happen in society do not happen by chance. Our system is already aware of those that are being driven to the point of explosion or implosion knowingly and we are served by a government that is willingly and actively promoting this in practice. Our government know the cost of their acts and omissions upon all members of this society and not only allow such things but initiate them. And it is thus that I say you are a cunt Alan Duncan and your actions are cuntish. I’ll await my ? actually I have lost count of how many times I have been arrested and dragged through the courts but this year it has only been twice ;s illegally arrested and detained with no explanation and no response to my complaints but I’ll await those cunts..tables that seem so eager to do your bidding….. The thing about modernity is that there is such a long and concise paper trail leading right back to your door that to deny such things is impossible hence in all my arrests and intimidations the only thing I have not been accused of is lying ummmmm…. where as you are a fucking liar aren’t you….!
Don’t think I’ve forgotten about you you stinking bitch chief executive Helen Briggs of Rutland County Council the explanation of my hatred for you and for Stuart Williams principal of Catmose College are to follow…..!

@RutlandPolice run that by me again as I don’t think I went to the same idiot school as your officers…. it will be placed on the records of the officers for their entire career but you do not uphold the complaint as it is not valid… that’s a bit like the twits down the @Rutland council saying your complaint is not valid but we will change our policy on how we deal with members of the public… should you dipsticks require me to rewrite or revamp your policies in future your sorry asses need to pay me…!

@RutlandPolice you are a bunch of racist bigots who’s every utterance is a lie….!

Someone accuses me of assault and you take nine months to investigate take me to court and a judge tells you your incompetent and throws the case out but you insist on keeping the charge on my CRB for five years….
Three youths beat my son on the street in a racially motivated attack I turn up and you tell me to move on for causing a disturbance by confronting a group of fifteen youths… I insist you arrest the ring leader whom you place in a patrol car and release one hundred yards down the road… the youth then smashes our front door with a hammer you attend are don’t even want to take details….
A man attacks my dog with his dog lead and hit’s him four times on the fourth time I hit him with my dog lead. You arrest me for assault and drag out the case for seven months which you win after presenting a selected clip from a cctv camera. I sack my legal representative and appeal. I win the appeal when I obtain the full cctv footage and show the whole incident as it occurred and the case is dismissed.
You arrest and detain me in a police station that is not authorised for detention questioning or interviewing. You issue a caution despite the fact that I objected and did not plead guilty. You take the case to court without informing me despite having broken the law in my detention and interviewing. You refuse to allow me access to the records of detention (they don’t exist do they) and refuse to provide copies of the interview for they would show your full incompetence and ignoring of racially motivated actions of others.
You arrest and detain me without explanation and present information that was obtained illegally. You refuse to provide copies of the interview for it highlights the discriminatory practices of yourselves, Rutland County Council, Catmose College Foundation and MP Alan Duncan.
Someone assaults my son in school and you refuse to act. I poke the schools headmaster in the chest and you have two vans a car and dog wagon waiting for my by the time I get home.
Four people threaten to beat the shit out of me. Two try and fail. You arrive speak with them and have nothing to say to me you just leave.
Are we getting the same picture here. For my interpretation is that you are a racist police force that will do all in your power to criminalise me including allowing myself and my family members to be assaulted in public and you adamantly refuse to do anything about it. You have now gone further and started conspiring with anyone willing to bring a charge against me in order to ensure that something continually stays upon my enhanced CRB thereby restricting my freedoms and ability to obtain work which reflects both my knowledge skills and abilities. The fact that four legal services combined yours, Rutland Councils, Catmose Federations and MP Alan Duncan’s fail against my self representation precludes to only one fact you are a bunch of racist bigots who’s every utterance is a lie….!

Official government advise…. when I visited the local jobcentre this week I was asked why I don’t move out of Oakham…? @Alan Duncan @Rultand Police @Rutland County Council are you getting others to express your opinions now that makes it officially now every government department I have come into contact with that wants me to move out of Oakham…!

My thoughts for those that choose to wear a poppy and accept that ignorance that is perpetuated by those that feel they are destined to rule us and do not see the beginning of their own end for if anything history has shown us that man will self sacrifice rather than be ruled and thus the world remains in turmoil as yet another era comes to it’s end for deception is of it’s own making and can do nothing other than be revealed….

Last brain teaser…. if you cannot see beyond nationalism then what is it that you think you see for in your arrogance do you feel that you chose your nation your colour or your creed let alone to think that you chose the words that you think you know and use so freely to confine that other…! 

Does your child smoke weed…?

Local woman phones the police to inform

Them that her son is smoking weed ;o

The youth receives a call from the local

Beat officer to inform him of the dangers

Of smoking weed ;s

End of…..

I know peeps in the ghettos that have done

The same thing to then be visited at home by

The police been investigated by the children

And family services and had children placed

On an at risk register while an investigation is

Carried out in some instances having the children

Removed from the family home while they

Carry out their investigations….

Selective policing and the manipulation of a

Situation when certain families seek advice

And assistance…. be mindful of calling the

Devil into your home for dependant upon whom

You are you just might be calling down the his

Full rath unto yourself and your family…

In a community where I do not call on the assistance

Of satan I walked streets at stupid o’clock to find

Those responsible for supplying my previous son

Whom lived with me with weed…. when I done I

Was surprised to realise that these same dealers

Could be seen chatting to the police in daylight like

They got authority to do whatever it is they feel like

I can walk streets here and know where to go and watch

The dealers operating from their cars their yards the local

Parks ect… and yet the police cannot stop them…?

Drugs are allowed within most communities like they are

In prisons for exactly the same reasons the self medication

And control of a populace by itself…. it is only when those

Dealing are blatantly taking the pee that they are dealt with

Or another with more influence complains…. life in Rutland

As normal….!  

I remember a time when I used to go to the bus stop to meet  my mother my friends mother their sister on the way back from work shopping or meeting friends ;D now it’s text me when you reach ;o the mobile phone has a lot to answer for ;s 

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