@RutlandPolice you are a bunch of racist bigots who’s every utterance is a lie….!

Someone accuses me of assault and you take nine months to investigate take me to court and a judge tells you your incompetent and throws the case out but you insist on keeping the charge on my CRB for five years….
Three youths beat my son on the street in a racially motivated attack I turn up and you tell me to move on for causing a disturbance by confronting a group of fifteen youths… I insist you arrest the ring leader whom you place in a patrol car and release one hundred yards down the road… the youth then smashes our front door with a hammer you attend are don’t even want to take details….
A man attacks my dog with his dog lead and hit’s him four times on the fourth time I hit him with my dog lead. You arrest me for assault and drag out the case for seven months which you win after presenting a selected clip from a cctv camera. I sack my legal representative and appeal. I win the appeal when I obtain the full cctv footage and show the whole incident as it occurred and the case is dismissed.
You arrest and detain me in a police station that is not authorised for detention questioning or interviewing. You issue a caution despite the fact that I objected and did not plead guilty. You take the case to court without informing me despite having broken the law in my detention and interviewing. You refuse to allow me access to the records of detention (they don’t exist do they) and refuse to provide copies of the interview for they would show your full incompetence and ignoring of racially motivated actions of others.
You arrest and detain me without explanation and present information that was obtained illegally. You refuse to provide copies of the interview for it highlights the discriminatory practices of yourselves, Rutland County Council, Catmose College Foundation and MP Alan Duncan.
Someone assaults my son in school and you refuse to act. I poke the schools headmaster in the chest and you have two vans a car and dog wagon waiting for my by the time I get home.
Four people threaten to beat the shit out of me. Two try and fail. You arrive speak with them and have nothing to say to me you just leave.
Are we getting the same picture here. For my interpretation is that you are a racist police force that will do all in your power to criminalise me including allowing myself and my family members to be assaulted in public and you adamantly refuse to do anything about it. You have now gone further and started conspiring with anyone willing to bring a charge against me in order to ensure that something continually stays upon my enhanced CRB thereby restricting my freedoms and ability to obtain work which reflects both my knowledge skills and abilities. The fact that four legal services combined yours, Rutland Councils, Catmose Federations and MP Alan Duncan’s fail against my self representation precludes to only one fact you are a bunch of racist bigots who’s every utterance is a lie….!