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Its all very well granting access to be seen to be working but in reality those that require access have already been filtered out so it’s merely those with money looking for redress and seeking even more money of course there will be the odd case that is let through to legitimize the whole system but in reality it is not for the support or enhancement of John Smith is it more the likes of Alan Duncan

The justification at the time was that of “He’s never been in trouble before… as such your son must have done something to provoke him…. he’s in his final year and we see no reason to disrupt his future… your son is excluded for two days for walking out of school without permission” and it was thus that the institution of racism within British culture raised once again it’s fifth head. To think that some seven years later the same justifications reasoning perspectives are still prevalent is…. to state that the rule of law is broken….!

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The fact that you are willing to place your had upon the bible and lie in a court of law does not surprise me but next time I’ll be self representing so there’ll be no solicitor prepping you or consulting with your representative before hand…..!


Jellyfish spined tosser of a headmaster takes shelter behind female assistant jokass do your wife and daughter know your doing her… While your fully able to stand two heads above my boy screaming your head off at him in front of half the school your not man enough to do it with me in fact you wanted to play I can run round my desk faster than you…. But like most bullies when confronted with your own shit you tuck tail and run just like the pussy whipped bigot that you are… Sticks and stones can hurt your bones but poking makes you cry and cry you did to the police… Did they tell you I sent them in because unlike you you pig I’m fully capable of standing my ground and accepting responsibilty for my actions I don’t need to hide behind a woman or get others to make…

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Cunts = Alan Duncan MP = Stewart Williams, Catmose Federation, Oakham Police, and that stupid bitch down the council what’s he stinking face name again ;s something Briggs???…!

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Didn’t want you to think I had forgotten about you


The chief executive of Rutland County Council says it took her nearly three months for her subordinates to pass on an email addressed to her….. your a lying stinking bitch…. it took you two ten days to read my blog and have me falsely arrested along with you bum chums Alan Duncan and Stewart Williams…. your fucking cowards and liars and it is thus that you have refused to respond to accusations of discrimination and conspiracy instead you plot again to have me arrested and Duncan has been busy pulling strings within the court and police systems to bury the case. The only thing you have not come back and said is that I am lying because the facts would fuck you up instead you meet greet and suck one another while plotting to rid Rutland of what you regard as being undesirables ie anyone with the balls to stand…

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well lets make that eight months now shall we muppets


@RutlandPolice…. As my own legal representative I put in a request for a copy of the charges, interview tapes and custody records in relation to two arrests and illegal detentions six months ago. As yet I have received none of the above despite inquires reminders and complaints ;s the rule of law is broken beyond repair or so it would seem within Rutland. During this same period the police continue to monitor my sites, in an attempt and hope more than likely to sit down once again with the CEO of Rutland County Council, MP Alan Duncan and local school headmaster Williams to have me arrested. When you refuse to allow citizens access to legal redress what is it that you attempting to achieve other than discontent and the taking of law into the hands of the populace. 

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I am going to explain why I am comfortable and confident in calling the Rt Hon Alan Duncan Minister of state for International Development a cunt. After experiencing discrimination form every quarter within the County of Rutland and all governmental departments that I turned to for assistance including but not restricted to the police, council and judiciary I wrote to my local MP for assistance. I had reached the end of my tether I was ready to kill the next person that called me a nigger or assaulted my son whom lived with me at the time and was being continually assaulted on both the streets of Oakham and within the Local school, then the Vale of Catmose College. I informed Alan Duncan that enough was enough and that I was going to fight back no matter what the cost and that someone was going to get killed because I wasn’t taking any more. I’m still some three years later awaiting his response. It is thus that I say he is a cunt and his actions are cuntish not only to me and mine but to all British peoples. He was and continues to be willing for anyone to die within his constituent rather than deal with the racist bullying behaviour of Rutland County Council it’s schools and it’s police force. Now what you need to think about is this, every member of the British public is expendable to its government. Things that happen in society do not happen by chance. Our system is already aware of those that are being driven to the point of explosion or implosion knowingly and we are served by a government that is willingly and actively promoting this in practice. Our government know the cost of their acts and omissions upon all members of this society and not only allow such things but initiate them. And it is thus that I say you are a cunt Alan Duncan and your actions are cuntish. I’ll await my ? actually I have lost count of how many times I have been arrested and dragged through the courts but this year it has only been twice ;s illegally arrested and detained with no explanation and no response to my complaints but I’ll await those cunts..tables that seem so eager to do your bidding….. The thing about modernity is that there is such a long and concise paper trail leading right back to your door that to deny such things is impossible hence in all my arrests and intimidations the only thing I have not been accused of is lying ummmmm…. where as you are a fucking liar aren’t you….!
Don’t think I’ve forgotten about you you stinking bitch chief executive Helen Briggs of Rutland County Council the explanation of my hatred for you and for Stuart Williams principal of Catmose College are to follow…..!


Walking among the dead ;s so glad that there is passion is life as all else seems to be a collection of Cunts in every notion of the word I’m currently writing on that one and have been for a while but I have been distracted a little ;o

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For some strange reason courts decline to respond to applications solicitors ask me what I am doing living in Oakham anyway and still Rutland police refuse to supply information requested some eight months on despite the steep learning curve that their officers are under they maintain that they are not racist like your not white either are you never mind hay I’m still here ;x


MP Alan Duncan your a cunt… you know of the raist practices of Rutland County Council and the Police, you have known for at least the last five years and yet you still choose not to do anything or get involed… in case you need clarification I said you are a cunt I fucking dare you to take me to court for slander you sorry excuse for a dick sucking bastard how the fuck you have the ordasity to hold public office and waste tax payers money is way beyond me… if you don’t want to take the matter to court let me know when you want to meet up so we can have it out as I know the dried up ballsack you got contains the majority of your sence and that’s exactly where I’d like to kick you…!

I would like to say sorry for missing out the…

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terror and terrorists

Listening to the Frantz Fannon lecture really puts the Muslim and Christian conflict into perspective. For it’s history is the history of colonialism in that it was Christian colonising Muslims. And thus from Fannon’s point of view the last threshold to be given up would be that of the vale whereby Muslim women would be subjugated and forced to reveal their true selves to their masters. That in turn sheds new light upon the determination of the French followed closely by the British to ban the vale for it is the last thing to go in this war of destroying a people and it’s culture to the point where it has bowed to it’s conquers. It is thus that the Muslims are seen to have compromised here in the west for it is only where the vale is worn that conflict now continues but this is a fight for rights and freedoms which are now defined as terror and terrorists .

I don’t think challenging government has every been a problem just the fact they feel they are answerable to none other than themselves 

I am an observer of behaviour so when someone’s voice starts to quiver and they start to stutter and refuse to answer specific questions my mind picks up on it. I am a behavioural specialist and as such such things raise alarm bells with me. This is the reality of living in racist Oakham and as such all with whom I come into contact with are aware of how this county is run by bigots and racist’s but no one is willing to take them on. And then along came I for I will not bow down to no man and I have my trust in Jah. As yet my written complaints with the local job centre go unanswered and when I make enquires I’m sent on compulsory work placements or work trials in order to keep me busy. Even the MP responsible for works and pensions refuses to acknowledge or respond to me for it is hard to lie when you have written proof in front of you. Yes I am arrogant self righteous and like a dog with a bone, but in most instances I am also correct. Rutland is a racist country and upon my first encounter with them I was told that they did not like the fact that I had chosen to settle in this country and they would ensure that I would loose my current teaching job and never teach again. They have done so with the support of the local MP the local council chief executive the local police and also the local school head master. I am more than comfortable to sit here and have you support me and pay me to take you on for you were mistaken to think that my motivation was one of money and thus not working I do not find to be a problem for my goals are not nor have they every been material. I wonder how much you have spent in court fee’s solicitors and the like over the last seven years and yet here I remain that thorn in your side willing and able to stand against you alone. It must be burning you to be so stupid still it’s obvious that you have more money than sense otherwise you would understand that I am not the walking away kind…! See you at the appeal…!

Rutland police informed of crimes both racial and breach of human rights along with copyright laws but choose not to act….!

It has been several weeks now since my two arrest within a week… On both occasions I informed the police of crimes that were committed against myself and my son … They have had ample time to carry out investigations make inquiries and get back to me… I have heard nothing so in fact your telling me exactly what I have to do…….

If you inform the police of a crime they have a duty to act upon that information ….. Thus having been informed of several crimes on two different occasions in interview and you thus choose not to act where do you think that leaves you…. I told you people I’m not messing with you I told you I was coming and as my dad used to say if you carnt hear you must feel dam fool unno bout yu tink say yu smart…..!

Modern day slavery

Modern day slavery


Having almost spent a month as an employability skills tutor I can now fully understand the frustration humiliation manipulation and degradation of those persons whom are being manipulated by the government and employers to be modern day slaves with very little prospect of employment at the end of it. Both the government and employers have cottoned on the idea that those seriously seeking employment are and have been willing to demonstrate their ability over a period of time thereby with the intention of enhancing their employability. They system is now saturated with users and abusers led by the government and pounced upon by many large corporations as a means of getting free and cheap labour for their mainly  manual clerical and lover management positions. The forthcoming changes to the 16 hour rule for courses and placements means that the government once again are able for periods of up to two months manipulate statistics to justify the abuse of so many of our youngsters. The fact that large brand-named companies are lining up to abuse these people is not a welcoming thought. Democracy freedom and the individuals rights to sell their labour have slowly been pushed out the window. What our government is doing is slowly preparing Britain to become a modern day slave labour market to compete with the likes of India and China the only difference being that here in Britain the unemployed are being given the computer based skills necessary for a modern slave i/e functional skills in English Maths and ICT. The down side of that is that in reality we have become as a country complacent in the education of our young whom do not have the skills or abilities to command a higher wage and thus those that do are being undermined by a government that is running around the world offering the British publics services at a fraction of their true value to line their own greedy pockets….!

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