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Of a man’s soul

In the midst of the storm

I see sunshine

While the clouds are dark

And threatening I see that

Ray of light that bores through

Unto that which is beneath

The heavens and the sky

That one ray of hope that this

Storm will soon pass on by

For such things are the testing

Of a man’s soul

His ability to endure and his

Continent remain whole

In the midst of the storm

Something dies and something

Is born unto he that endures


How to respond to a racist bully who happens to be a school headmaster


While this email was acknowledged I have yet to receive a response but that’s not surprising

It shall be used in two cases 1) being the criminal case for alleged assault 2) being the civil case for discriminatory practices




Stuart Williams


In response to your letter dated 15th April 2013


While you state that during our meeting of the above date I was hostile towards you and my threatening behaviour manifested itself (this being based upon your own interpretation of my behaviour and further demonstration of your racist views and attitudes towards myself and my son) which ultimately resulted in my assaulting you. Do not flatter yourself in thinking that a table could have stopped me from hurting you had that been my intention nor the fact that you hid behind another member of staff whom was not supposedly assaulted or threatened. I merely demonstrated that:


1 you are a coward and bully and that same hostility that I showed you continues to be that which you display towards my son. If you as a head master are capable of standing before half the school and shouting at my son to the point where you turn red and shake with rage what is that other than intimidation of a minor. The fact that you have not acted in this seriously inappropriate manor towards any other student is a demonstration of your own racist views and attitude and a continuation of the disrespectful way in which you have dealt with myself and my son since he joined Catmose College.


2 I would totally agree with you in that this form of behaviour is wholly unacceptable and that no member of staff deserves to be verbally abused, threatened or assaulted let alone a pupil. Had you taken the assault and verbal bullying of my son by yourself and staff members seriously instead of endorsing such treatment by leading by example then I would not have had to take such drastic measures in order to prove my point.


3 I regard your behaviour and that of members of your staff as being a clear risk to the welfare of my son and the continuation of his education and as such I am now in the legal process of suing both you and the school for discriminatory practices harassment and the breaching of my son’s human rights.


4 I do not regard your treatment of my son or that of other members of your staff as being proportionate to any of the minor incidents in which you have claimed my son has been involved in. As a school you continually discriminate against him in attempting to make every incident of such a sever nature that it requires investigation and the placing of him upon report and the continuation of negativity towards him.


5 In our last but one meeting I strenuously pointed out to you my concerns for the continual harassment upon my son and the effect that this was having upon us as a family and my son as an individual. Your words and I quote were “if you say nothing about this Mr Wilks neither will we”. This is a further attempt by yourself to cover up you discriminatory behaviour and attitudes and as such is intolerable in the extreme.


6 Regardless of what it is that you have asked of my son he has bent over backwards in order to achieve but like most bullies and racists this is a continually changing bench make that is raised with ever achievement or improvement that he makes.


7 You made it quite apparent when my son joined your school that you were not happy that he had in fact applied to join your exact words being “why should I let you come to this school which my daughter attends”.


8 You have made every possible effort to belittle my son and humiliate him in front of his peers and this has been a non-stop continual process from his first day to the current.


As previously stated I am not leaving this matter any further. I intend not only to take this matter to the courts but also publicise it in ever local and national paper possible as well as using all available means at my disposal to bring you racist and bigotist views actions and omissions to the attention of the authorities and the public in general.


Individuals like yourself should not be working in such a position where you are not only able to bully and intimate children with displays of your aggression and discrimination but also affect and lead others in your allocated position of responsibility.



Richard Bradley Wilks

This is a copy a of a letter that was sent to Stuart Williams the racist headmaster at Catmose college. While the school continues to pursue me for poking the headmaster in the chest which has now become a punch none of this was put in the context of protecting myself and my children from discriminatory practices within the county of Rutland. In fact the CPS went out of their way to make sure that no mention of the complaints for the previous five years were raised in court. I do not know what kind of deal they made with my supposed legal representative but for him to feel comfortable enough to call me a twat and ask why I choose to live in Oakam it is clear that he whole heartedly accepted that deal hence myself representation at the appeal.


Thursday, 30 January 2014


Stuart Williams

In response to your letter dated 9th August 2013 I would respond as follows’:


I feel that both the RR65 and the instances whereby you received written notification of those areas of concern that were raised as and when both my rights and those of my children where breached by members of the Vale of Catmose Federation are adequately documented. As such it is felt that you have been provided with more than the necessary information in order to conduct your investigation and respond in regards to those instances where your actions were discriminatory in nature and practice along with those areas where you failed to treat myself and my children appropriately.

I have provided you with both the RR65 and written accounts as and when they occurred of what actions both you as an individual and the Catmose Federation have taken or not in relation to your discriminatory practices. As such your continuation to not acknowledge these instances nor respond appropriately will be left for the inference of the judiciary.

Pleased be advised that the RR65 will have been deemed served as and when it was emailed to yourself at the Vale of Catmose College on the 1st July 2013 as such your statutory deadline for responding is that of 1st September 2013 by which time as previously advised I would have instigated a claim against yourself and the Catmose Federation.

Please be advised that all retained information collated from all parties concerned to include but not restricted to police and public records and photographical evidence (a sample of which is attached relating to an assault within the then Vales of Catmose College upon Malachi Lloyd Wilks) will be provided to the courts as a demonstration not only of the discriminatory practices of Catmose Federation and it’s employees but an endorsement and reflection of the longevity of these continued practices towards myself and my family.

While you correctly point out that the RR65 is in the process of being superseded by a slightly different questions and answer form while both forms are available from the government website this is to be regarded as a transition period and thus having started with the current version of the form this is the one I have chosen to continue with along with those questions and statements thereon.

I think it only appropriate that you have finally chosen to bring these matters to the board of governors whom have endorsed yours and your colleague’s discriminatory conduct for some time and as such will be sought in their accountability and responsibilities as the board of governors for the Catmose College Federation.




Richard Bradley Wilks






Institutional racism = individual decisions….!

There’s something about the McPherson report in to the death of Stephen Lawrence which has never sat right with me. That notion concept of institutional racism that was proposed and accepted by a British public especially a black British public that should have known better. Implicit within any such notion is a concept of non accountability for those that work with and for the police force for no entity such as an institution makes decisions. Those are taking by the many individuals that go to making up that institution and thereby if the institution is racist so are those individuals that pertain thereto. It is as such that again I am seeking to challenge any notion of institutional racism based upon the identification of those within those institutions that make those decisions not only knowing them to be racist but knowing and willingly supporting the racist actions of others. The bit that most interest me is this “Contrary to evidence given by key witnesses the officers in charge refused to accept the crime was racially motivated or even consider it a possibility. ” I have and am willing to name eight officers whom continually have acted in this respect and are thus unaccountable for their acts and omissions. That just isn’t good enough…!

Should there be such a thing as destiny then surely ours were entwined for we have met talked a while and viewed that passage of time should that be that notion of the divine is true to the end then tell me how our meeting as such we can really comprehend in the smallness of it all we attempt to walk as if to life we are a friend.

The deliberate and malicious withholding of information pertinent to the registering of an offence can also be seen as the perpetuating of that offence. What adds seriousness and incredibility to such acts are that they are being carried out by not only Rutland police but also by solicitors whom make a living advocating for those within the legal aid system when they have no intention of providing unbiased assisted information for their clients. It is thus that having received this letter at the weekend from my dismissed legal representative I’m not surprised that it has taken three months for him to hand over the copy of the interview but to further attempt to obstruct matters by the withholding of a transcript knowing full well that the court only allows authorised transcripts for submission is a clear indicator of the individuals and the firms intention to endorse and fully support the racist activities of Rutland police and officials. The fact that Rutland police to this day some nine months later are still refusing to hand over material in relation to two of my arrest last years is not only disgusting as I have yet to be informed why I was arrested on one occasion but a reflection and continuation of their discriminatory practices and continued harassment of myself and my family. Your not incompetent your officers don’t need the learning cure of those areas that I have outlined in the last several years you are in fact a racist force using justification and explanation as an excuse for the endemic racist nature of your officers from the top to bottom of your organisation you are bigots and a disgrace to the force if in name only as your job is that of a public servant not a self determined quango.

The ignoring of a racially motivated crime this is not an overnight event


The ignoring of a racially motivated crime is serious at any instance but when it is done so by those at the heart of a community by those whom are meant to be paramount in the protection education and social well being of children then serious questions need to be asked of the underlying issues within our police, political, judicial and social services for this is not an overnight event it is not something that has recently started it is in fact part and parcel of being British its as British as fish and chips and to think that in this day and age the level of confidence is such that those promoting and perpetuating such acts are comfortable enough to say so what…! 

Reasonable grounds for challenge….

By dismissing the notion of a case brought upon illegality as there are still questions about my arrest detention and interviewing what the learned judge has done is open the way for me to bring a private case against those concerned for discriminatory practices regardless of whether the information obtained was with or without the permission or knowledge of the individuals concerned and thus tape recordings of phone conversations and emails should be admissible. I would also site the use of recorded phone call conversations in the recent phone hacking scandal where such evidence was admissible to the court along with cases of national security especially around the terrorism cases. It is almost with automatic presumption that those representing any form of governmental authority are presumed correct from the outset but the reality of that is a social system that is still run and populated in this year of 2014 by individuals whom have it twisted about their roles and responsibilities for to work for the government is to sever the people and not the other way round. It is not appropriate that those whom serve in government seem to have no accountability not even in the most serious of case involving the deaths of children. In so many instances it comes down to one persons word against another and as such living in this day and age of social media and cctv awareness video phone accessibility video and audio recordings are part and parcel of our lives the killing of the solder in London became viral before the perpetrators we’re even charged. So if any means can be used to demonstrate that an individual within their social and political stances can be shown to be acting inconsistently with an ethos reflective of the social good why would the emphasis be upon rejection.



If there is no process of accountability then there be no legitimate democratic process for all else be a semblance of democracy allowing the rulers to do as they wish as is proving to be the case with our current government for they seem determined to wipe out the social benefits system that supposedly so many died to bring about/protect during WW1/2. We have a government that is wholly focused on profits and has no consideration for its people and continue to demonstrate that they actually don’t care who the people are as long as someone does the work for their conglobates. Britain’s immigration system will never be resolved when the likes of Alan Duncan make trade agreements with China not only for the importing of goods but also for their production, as such the government are encouraging foreign investment once again in this county with the added bonus of tax reductions and guaranteed mobile workforces ready to take up any position offered.



Gatekeepers of hate….


If a headmaster can verbally abuse a child then a teaching assistant can physically abuse a child for each has endorsed and supported the actions of the other and both are aware that the police will grant them semi autonomous status in being hard pushed to interfere for schools are just as influential in the identification classification of persons to the point of provocation to restrict manipulate and hinder or support young people based not upon ability but upon the persona of teaching staff most of whom too often do not reflect that which they restrict with their minds. It is time for a change away from restriction of knowledge with a view to conformity to that of facilitators of learning and the identification of skills and abilities to enhance the individual learns for their own and societies sake for those with passions are self motivated rather than financially….!

the ultimate in hypocrisy

Every night it’s on the news we have politicians going all over the world saying things are not right when rights are denied when people have to live in fear of those that have control and yet within their own backyards democracy is stifled the ultimate in hypocrisy you need to come home shut your mouths and practice what you preach jokasses….!

It is about time this illusion of democracy came to an end this belief that we live in a system that is fair and just and that the law responds to breaches and that which is right. I am going to systematically publish every email and letter of complaint concern frustration and plea that I have sent to the government over the last seven years along with responses lack of response intimidation rejection. Some of it will be embarrassing to me at least some of it will be heart warming and some of it will be unbelievable but it will all be the truth and presentation of fact of the humiliation intimidation discrimination that I have had to endure trying to protect myself and my children while living in the county of Rutland.

This is the conversation that I didn’t have with a member of the probation service ;o I’m not really interested in your incompetence inability to communicate or unprofessionalism but I do object to being sent back to court for two breaches of none attendance when I have made every effort to contact you it is obvious that you are incapable of performing the job for which you are paid…!

Don’t take the piss

Courts and the probation service now claiming to have lost communication and have no idea what I’m talking about ;o I’m looking for the recordings now you jokasses 8D

Here’s a screen dump of you online contact process I’m not responsible for you incompetence or inapt attitudes when it comes to your selective memories but I do think you need to listen to yourself having the conversation that never was hold I’m just having a coffee and will be back with you

When it comes to teaching in my field of behaviour modification I have to say that it is my thing one which I understand based upon experience motivation education and observation all of which make me known and unpopular for failure is not an option and when it does occur it has nothing to do with the young people but rather the inability of the adults concerned to find a way forward and a line of communication. One of my pet bugs is that I do not like teaching assistance or support working within the classroom and while some are insistent that they have to be present I would say that your presence is a barrier to learning and communication and as such defeats the object. The body language of the two attached photo’s for me sums up adult bullying within the caring industry per-say and the reflection of this is only my job attitude neither of which I tolerate without confronting with a view to modification or removal.

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