This is a copy a of a letter that was sent to Stuart Williams the racist headmaster at Catmose college. While the school continues to pursue me for poking the headmaster in the chest which has now become a punch none of this was put in the context of protecting myself and my children from discriminatory practices within the county of Rutland. In fact the CPS went out of their way to make sure that no mention of the complaints for the previous five years were raised in court. I do not know what kind of deal they made with my supposed legal representative but for him to feel comfortable enough to call me a twat and ask why I choose to live in Oakam it is clear that he whole heartedly accepted that deal hence myself representation at the appeal.


Thursday, 30 January 2014


Stuart Williams

In response to your letter dated 9th August 2013 I would respond as follows’:


I feel that both the RR65 and the instances whereby you received written notification of those areas of concern that were raised as and when both my rights and those of my children where breached by members of the Vale of Catmose Federation are adequately documented. As such it is felt that you have been provided with more than the necessary information in order to conduct your investigation and respond in regards to those instances where your actions were discriminatory in nature and practice along with those areas where you failed to treat myself and my children appropriately.

I have provided you with both the RR65 and written accounts as and when they occurred of what actions both you as an individual and the Catmose Federation have taken or not in relation to your discriminatory practices. As such your continuation to not acknowledge these instances nor respond appropriately will be left for the inference of the judiciary.

Pleased be advised that the RR65 will have been deemed served as and when it was emailed to yourself at the Vale of Catmose College on the 1st July 2013 as such your statutory deadline for responding is that of 1st September 2013 by which time as previously advised I would have instigated a claim against yourself and the Catmose Federation.

Please be advised that all retained information collated from all parties concerned to include but not restricted to police and public records and photographical evidence (a sample of which is attached relating to an assault within the then Vales of Catmose College upon Malachi Lloyd Wilks) will be provided to the courts as a demonstration not only of the discriminatory practices of Catmose Federation and it’s employees but an endorsement and reflection of the longevity of these continued practices towards myself and my family.

While you correctly point out that the RR65 is in the process of being superseded by a slightly different questions and answer form while both forms are available from the government website this is to be regarded as a transition period and thus having started with the current version of the form this is the one I have chosen to continue with along with those questions and statements thereon.

I think it only appropriate that you have finally chosen to bring these matters to the board of governors whom have endorsed yours and your colleague’s discriminatory conduct for some time and as such will be sought in their accountability and responsibilities as the board of governors for the Catmose College Federation.




Richard Bradley Wilks