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The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 7,800 times in 2013. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 7 trips to carry that many people.

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The citizens advice bureau pride themselves on giving free independent advice… It is actually a lie… The are in fact wholly dependant upon the government whom not only fund them but tell them what to report back what should be monitored they also use the CAB to adjust policy when the population are expressing too much discontent about certain issues they also collect information from the CAB in regards to persons issues ie financial social medical personal take a look at their site the only links they endorse are those that go straight to government web sites for the 15% or so of employees that are actually paid they are in all essence government employees the rest are those with good intentions morality and consideration whom if left to their own devices might be giving the government a run for their money elsewhere … After recently being threatened by Leicestershire probation service to stop my voluntary work I did a little more digging theirs no justification for their wanting to get involved in what I do with my knowledge wether this be sell it or give it away but as they put it I’m an undesirable and as such should not be working with the CAB I’ve yet to receive a response to the question I asked the CAB last year in regards to the compulsory work programme for I pointed out to them then that their accepting of placements straight from the job centre was a direct conflict of interest especially when I pointed to the the investigation carried out prior by the government indicated that in fact it’s operation would be discriminatory but as usual no comment no change what I found even more interesting is that the CAB are in fact a recognised part of a law students degree should they choose to do voluntary work there so much for impartial we are so gullible as a nation

Integration and assimilation are not the answers


The reality of it is that no people were every set free by the acceptance of their captors history has shown that the only freedom is that of the death of the master and the removal of one’s self and people for all forms and notions of conformity and assimilation for the one’s own difference needs to be enhanced and in order for this to be achieved that other has to be removed it really is time for us to stop trying to fit and start removing ourselves from that which is confining us…!

It’s official religion has no need to god….!


The legal winning of the scientology challenge to be able to marry couples with on deity as their head of church has made god redundant…!



Developed by L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology is a religion that offers a precise path leading to a complete and certain understanding of one’s true spiritual nature and one’s relationship toself, family, groups, Mankind, all life forms, the material universe, the spiritual universe and the 

Is god calling….!


I am truly outspoken often to the verge of offence I don’t do half measures and it is thus that I am somewhat surprised that I have been asked invited to attend two different religious communities within hellish Oakahm. My response was that should I do so then I would not hold back my contempt for those whom to me seem luke warm in their beliefs the response in both cases was that maybe that’s the role you were are meant to play… I am considering one of the offers seriously xxX

Can it really be that simple…?


Cancer is one of the biggest and fastest growing killers of man, but could it really be that simple that we should not eating cooked food in order to redress and enhance the bodies immune system to defeat it. If it is that simple then what does that say for government endorsed foods and products. If it is that simple why would governments want to play such a risk game with our health. If it is that simple why are the majority of fast food services aimed at cooked food…….. If I had another life time I would so like to take the time to research this properly ;s


There is no one drug, herb, or treatment that will kill cancer. Cancer has to be treated by building the body’s immune system. Listed here are some natural ways to help build the immune system.


Eating white sugar will paralyze and hinder your white blood cells from fighting off an infection. Eating 25 teaspoons of sugar will paralyze 92% of your white blood cells for approximately five hours. The average American eats over 42 teaspoons of sugar per day. For example: A banana split has 24 teaspoons of sugar. A 12 oz coke has approx. 8-10 teaspoons, a piece of white bread 2 teaspoons. It must be remembered that sugar or empty calories and junk foods interfere with the working of the body’s immune system.


Diets high in refined fats have long been associated with increased cancer risk. Breast cancer is more frequent in women on diets high in both saturated fats, (whole milk), and in animal fat. (2) A low fat diet not only prevents breast cancer but increases the survival of women who already have breast cancer. (3)

This is or will be the hardest single thing to follow, but it is very important. Only raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and sprouted grains are what you will be eating until your cancer is in remission. Nothing cooked, no cooked beans, bread, potatoes, etc. Sounds tough, but let me tell you this is much easier then taking chemotherapy and having your hair fall out, vomiting, being weak, etc. And , of course chemotherapy will not build up your immune system. Instead it will tear it down. Raw food is live food and possesses the highest nutritive value. It is full of vitamins, mineral, enzymes, phytochemicals, etc. Cooked food is dead food, plant any seed and it will grow. Cook the seed and then plant it and it will not grow, because it’s life principle has been destroyed. Place cancer cells in a cooked media and they will proliferate. Now place the cancer cells in a raw matter and they will disappear! This astounding fact is known to the Cancer society, but the public was never informed. (4)


In truth, we can prevent, even reverse cancer without submitting to life-threatening procedures or having poisonous chemicals injected into our veins. Find out how diet, supplements and lifestyle modifications can dramatically improve the quality of your life and eliminate the threat of cancer.

Learn more: 

Maybe it’s time to stop fighting so hard

People are ready for a change all over the world I need a force a group that is willing to do that which needs to be done a group that is disadvantaged enough to want to change things and make a difference thirty years ago they change the law so they could lock away first time offenders going straight has made no difference fighting corrupt and racist police has made no difference maybe it’s time I let them lock me away again and instead of coursing a riot this time I’ll educate and motive those there as to how they have been used and manipulated by a system that is willing to sacrifice them maybe this time I’ll burn down the place and deal with those that manipulate and abuse the law a captive audience is always a good one and there is no motivator like the truth…!

I didn’t finish school I was asked to leave at 14 it was said that my attitude was curtailing a possibly very bright future but it was obvious that they and I were looking in different directions I’ve always felt at odds with our society there’s something not quite right that picnic basket short of a sandwich kind of not right I don’t know what it is now and I didn’t at 14 but then I didn’t give it much thought all I knew was that for some reason the world hated me for who I was no other reason than that it was apparent In those I knew relatives or not and strangers I seem to have that ability to so ever so quickly draw out the worst in people it’s not that I lie or physically challenge them but spend a few hours in my company and you just may want to kill me for I am correct forceful adamant and loud I have a power of voice and conviction that does not belong in such a small slim and tender body I’m told that if riled my eyes have a threatening conviction within them I’ve know of this depiction but only in retrospect for it is an aspect of youthful and ruthfulness that I once was but that is mere circumstantial for past the physicality there is spirituality and it is here I feel the essence lays I’ve always been had an awareness of others my whole life has been the perception recognition of lies I lived one knowing up until the age of thirty five not that I was lying but knew I was being lied to I never doubted myself never questioned my inner inclination for what ever I have done I have had no reason to lie for to lie is to fear consequence and that I do not nor have not done but that absence of fear is unnerving to people that ability to look another in the eye and tell them the truth spine chilling as it is they say the eyes are windows to the soul I wish people more people would wear dark glasses for do you not know I’m able to see your all before you utter a word to notice the flickers of change and watch in slow motion as your physicality catches up with that doubt of spirituality that your soul has already shown me so much has happened in that split second that forgive this bored look upon my face for I know what is to follow is a waste of time and space of your mere justification to try and save your grace back tracking to where you should have begun with honesty and truth and it is thus that I am here challenging every aspect of government for it is the originator of the living lie the social lucky for you I did not finish school hay…!

No one bats an eyelid at the truth there is no argument no need of denial merely acceptance that yer so what it’s not going to help you is it for the truth has no place nor servers no purpose in modern life we do not want to be reminded of it or hear who has forsaken it for in turn we have all ignored it until such a time as we wish to rely upon it it is then that no one bats an eyelid for it serves them no purpose

Time to disband government
If we are entering a time where government are saying that we are to be responsible for the self it’s life cycle health education then is it not also time for a reduction in governance for surely should we all be capable of providing for our own needs we have no need of you let alone to have to support your lavishness just to tell us get on with it remove yourself from the equation and reduce the problems for we are paying for you to state the obvious bye now…!

WhatsApp what Facebook actually let slip today is that every private conversation is monitored electronically in order to pinpoint advertising and it is thus that income is generated by selling on your details or promoting its own self interest at you both on and off Facebook the fact that they have now targeted children is a clear indication that they are not interested in any notion of privacy or issues of morality as long as they are able to profit I think it’s quite concerning that they have thus cornered the market for mass communication and taken it further with mass monitoring for in certain countries they cooperate with the state in identifying suspects and making such information available how long before this becomes imbedded in the cyber social where even our privately shared thoughts and conversations are open to monitoring and sharing the British government are already moving in this direction with the demonstration of so many cases that have relied upon private emails and phone conversations to prosecute individuals for doing just that we seem to live in a society that is quite comfortable to break the law in order to uphold it this being only one step away from there being no law but pure dictatorship in doing as you are told unquestionably

Can there be any other justification for our worlds other than biblical can mans hatred not only of self reflected in others but of all things not be put down to his own inclination for self destruction and the satisfying of the sense what is there that we have not tried to do in the realms of selfishness what is there that we have not accomplished in depravity for we are the masters of sugar coated negativity seducing all about us into that living death of acceptance that there be no other way for we require inconsideration of those choices we have made those moments we have been less than we are capable of being so why should we die a thousand deaths alone for it is better that others suffer with us in this misery of life to speak the unspoken to shine light on the unseen is not the direction chosen but rather to stand in shadows of darkness is our way of being

How do you defend yourself from a lie in a world full of liars for the truth is not the issues but the perception of it is along with a perception of ones conformity to it it is what it is (so hate that saying for being the ultimate truth) no ones interested in the truth for in most cases honesty will only show one in a bad light and as such the cycle continues and man is lost in that battle of right and wrong. While we have the option of choice many perceive there to be none for they live that ultimate lie of conformity

DMX stated that he thought Arizona was gods county until he met the devil there and so it is with worldly things for there beauty is withheld in order to make men hate and war with one another until one is willing to pay that price of betrayal in order to posses such things and thus the notion of city and ghetto were formed for what better way to entice man other that to show him the poverty of confinement and daily make him see the lifeless eyes of despair as men sell their physicality for 30 peaces of silver when this is not enough some seek to sell their souls for the freedom not to see reality

I have been a bible studier for twenty five years and have not reached the end of it yet. I have studied with Rasta’s CofE Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses and some others that I would not put a religious restriction upon. If I were to claim allegiances to any it would be Rasta for all take from religion that which is required for one’s self and one’s people based upon one’s own desires and inclinations but one cannot be Rasta in mine eye’s when one has chosen to devoice ones wife for to be Rasta is to accept the responsibility of leading one’s people in perceived righteousness of spiritual guidance it was thus that I chose to cut off my locks for one must lead by example and I had no intention of adding to the line of Rastitutes that daily sell out our kind. As I embark upon the study of “Revelation its Grand Climax At Hand!” with the JW’s I’m told that I am the first that my bible mentor has studied this book with outside of a group context the justification being that it requires a level of understanding that is usually only approached in a group context. I take issue with this along with many things for it resembles indoctrination and social pressures that play such a large part in all things social. Just because I cuss and give you a glimpse of that which I undertake do not be mistaken to think that you know let alone are able to judge me for being the judgemental individual that I am using the bible as my ruler I find so many so called Christians or people of faith to be without and wanting and by mere observation I would state quite openly that they are deceivers of themselves and others for they are worldly in nature and kind and that goes from pastor to parishioners. Should a judgement day ever come then I will stand alone for I will not show allegiance to anything of this world for even the bible undergoes yearly updates and revisions in the justification that is it being made easier simpler to understand my understanding of that is if you water down something while there be a hint of it’s originality what you create is something new and this new notion concept of any form of religion I cannot adhere to…!

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