Historically the reason black people learned to keep quiet and not chat their business is the criminalisation of blackness in particular the males information was sought merely as the collection of evidence hence the dislike of social workers school visitors and those governmental agencies whom to collate and inform the danger we now face is one of collectiveness for with every governmental agency now connected by computer you don’t have to actually have done anything wrong in order to be a suspect every comment option observation that a government employee has mad about you is available to another employee example if you kicked off in a hospital because they took too long to see to your child if your ever stopped or questioned by the police that will come up as your tendency towards uncontrollable outbursts of aggression thus all your acts will be viewed in this way we have been separated physically mentally and emotionally so we don’t communicate share experience find solutions and enhance one another and while as a defensive tool it has historically been necessary it really is time we came out the darkness and helped one another regardless of our creeds nations or colours xxXxx