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For I am in no mans land for I look about me at those things I see and wish to be no part of and yet I see no direction in which to proceed and it is thus that in that void of darkness I seek that which is a light a direction it is thus in that space between beginning and end I am neither but yet both and I turn on my own light for my guidance can only come from within give thanks and praise to Jah for I am his shadow in all things

That one without faith and belief in a thing that ship on the darkest of seas being blown from land to land without a port of call that most dangerous of things adrift without a cause or reason for concern that inability of commitment or desire to yearn that which is achievable in the mind for so many so difficult to find that inner peace of knowledge that a cause is a cause with or without the challenge

Breath ;s in two three our four five breath

Should I reflect your thoughts your emotions your looks just tell me how you would feel and yet you extend that dagger of friendship and do say grip on tightly now don’t you slip away without cutting your own throat for then and only then can you safely quote he brought about his own demise

Distance is not a time nor place but is that instance between two thoughts that breath that blink between saving and the sinking of a soul between being human and totally sold to the devil distance is what remains between you and me

Those things that are done in hatred of the other from within imparted upon those that remind us of where we have been in our inequity for the weight of sins are such that we cannot burden them alone and thus we week new places to infect and call it’s own oh hatred of mine I beg of you to find that other place to call home and hide in the evilness of mentality that is your home that other that me in another place and time do be

Oh what it is to forget that we are human to loose that empathy and sympathy of spirit to confine ourselves to conformity and be less than we can be to become that which is detested lukewarm in complacency oh what it is to forget we are human and deny the difference of we

People always seem so very comfortable with telling you who you shouldn’t be that attempt to transfer their own inner confinement to the outreaches of your mind in the hope that you too will impose those boundaries that kill the spirt and imagination for self restrictions are the ultimate confinement of a closed mind…!

To challenge that which is not correct is deemed as being incorrect it is only thus in Christian society that to try and hold fast to ones faith is viewed as being homophobic or racist for the reality has now come to light that those in power are in all essence practicers of all things vile in the eyes of god for they be the destroyers of families the pursuers of wealth the deceivers of men as such our leaders continually demonstrate that their only concern be business and the acquisition of greater profits at the expense of the masses and as such they will soon have to put an end to that falseness of religion that they no longer even pretend to hold fast to for now all it does is show their hypocrisy as using it as a tool to once control the people now that tool which has become truth is causing more problems than solving and as such it is a threat for should the bible be adhered to a third of the government would need to be removed with a equal number if not grater of its employees for government seems such a safe haven for immorality the world over

Evil is not a substance it is a choice which one man makes to do or allow to be done towards another which one makes in seeing acknowledging and acting or refusing to act toward or against thereby endorsing or not that which is so perceived but the grater disparity be between those one would question in regard to such matters and the following allowing of such things as deemed appropriate by those in authority for the average man should there be such a thing would upbuild his brother but for his learning to fear such demonstrations of love for such things are only rewarded with death and humiliation

What’s the point

Of only being nice to those that are the same as you religion colour race nation creed employment education status political economic social for are not all such notions concepts the ultimate conformity of all things social but is not social itself a slavery of the masses to the destruction of the individual for even births and deaths are now conformed to as if either were commodities to be bartered for the social good

What happened to my generation of lost dreamers

Were we not the ones to find the truth to say out loud we will save the youth from all hypocrisy and create a space with out time and haste allowing all things to be

What happened to my generation of lost dreamers

Who swore to change the world no more for greed willing to heed those lesions of long ago of monopoly and crime taking what’s mine and knowing where this would go

What happened to my generation of lost dreamers

Fast asleep I fear eyes closed tight not wanting to hear that they have indeed failed

Games they do play when people they say that their minds are of an inclination but deceit is their plan as to snare a man is their only true consideration so let us begin pretending there be no sin as the fall is anticipation of that which is yet to come for all else is mere constipation of that diseased mind not able to give reciprocation


Words be that divider of men that educational barrier to both past and present that justification for manipulation of mind soul and body and yet we would expect our children to succumb to such hypocrisy that would in all essence see their embarrassment of whom we are and where they did begin for until such a time as one can look another in the eye and respond to what is your dad’s position what is it that your mother does where is it your family live or come from for the words and phrases are merely the beginning of hazes to obscure ones view to make one feel inadequate of the fact of being you for the truth be know that only those uneducated in the truth of a thing will promote such a thing as education

Condemned by your own mouth

You ask for honesty while you lie about your motivation

You ask for the truth while you plot another’s demise

You ask for evidence having condemned upon rumour

You ask for respect while you follow no authority

You are the devils seed in all its apostasy you are the chosen ones of satins hoard you are the police the headmaster the politician the council worker the clergy you are all that is unholy and detestable hooray for the traps you have set for others will ensnare you hooray for your own utterances have judged you hooray for your own evilness will be your undoing for your judgement is soon at hand you deceivers of men you haters of riotousness

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