Misrepresentation manipulation and just dam outright lies of this court cps and police system….


This case has been dragging on for almost a year now but that’s nothing new for it is the 8th consecutive year Rutland Police and Leicestershire CPS have tried to provoke me into action claiming that I am an undesirable violent and volatile young man. The man bit seems to be the only thing the jokers can get right…. having received this morning notification of their intent in tomorrow’s trial I really am not surprised at their underhanded tactics’ to wait until the last minute to present information to myself for being a self representative individual seems to make them even more pedantic and bureaucratic they have now put in 11 hour 45 minutes an application that I not be able to question a witness under the guise that “the quality of the evidence is likely to be diminished if the cross examination is conducted by the appellant in person” ummmmm what they really are trying to say is they do not want me to ask the man to tell the truth not only about the incident but the racist acts and omissions by both himself and his members of staff… but hold on a second what is the point of being able to represent the self if that representation be restricted for should you 1. In the case of the CPS refuse to respond or make available documents applied for under discloser to demonstrate your continual vindictive and malicious attempts at character assignation 2. As the individual claiming to have been assaulted be protected from cross examination that would not only identify your racist nature and inclination but demonstrate your acts and omissions 3. That as the principal of a school you refuse to acknowledge or responds to discloser requests 4. Be supported by a court system that neither acknowledges or responds to reasonable request to make directives 5. Change the nature of the court hearing without informing myself as my own representative. Yes I am being allowed to represent myself but it would seem that that representation is being restricted to my appearance only for that which I seek to demonstrate my innocence is being withheld. Having phoned today to check the court hearing for tomorrow as a whole day had been set aside for this trial I was informed in not too polite a manner that this has now been changed to a directions hearing. Erm excuse me am I not to be notified of such things the response was I’ll give you the CPS number so you can talk with them but hold on your the court surely it should have been your duty to inform me “as I said I’ll give you the CPS” number talk to them. Ummmmmm so much for a separate judiciary whom represent and uphold the truth for what you are in fact telling me is to communicate with you is to communicate with the CPS which is why they responded to my request and you the courts have yet to do so. I made an application to Leicester Magistrates Court for three things 1. That the case be moved to one which has the judicial authority to adjudicate upon cases of racial discriminatory practices 2. That they make an order for the CPS to disclose the requested information that they refuse to by ignoring 3. That they make an order for Catmose College to provide information in relation to all previous meetings as requested. I have yet to hear from the courts so I will be attending tomorrow blind as to what and why it has been changed to a case management or something hearing instead of a full days trial but blind ignorant and uniformed is how they would like to keep the I Jah give me strength and guide I xxX