Governmental endorsement of racism to the point of promotion and enhancement of those brought to their attention for racist acts and omissions….


What could persuade a governmental department to keep accusations on file without investigation or notification that in fact accusations have been made.

What could persuade that same governmental department to entrust the career and livelihood of an individual to the person or persons whom originally made derogatory comments and accusations without proof.

What could persuade that same governmental department to award large amounts of monies in the form of contracts to a company whose main contact and contractor had been brought to that departments attention as being an untrustworthy individual whom abuses their position to further their own aims and those of their family members by the inappropriate use of funds and resources.

The department in question of that of Melton Mowbray Department for Works and Pensions.

The individual is that of Jane Meadows of Stamford…..

I’m in the process of compiling all evidence and proof for circulation upon this site which despite being copywrite protected is continually violated and used by the above mentioned individual and governmental department along with Leicestershire police, the Crown Prosecution Service, Leicestershire Probation Service, Stuart Williams of Catmose Federation and the MP for Rutland Alan Duncan.

Things are slowly coming together I’ll put the links to those racist whom are Rutland based whom have for the last eight years assured me that I shall never work again in the field of behavioural modification and the efforts including that of assaulting and allowing to be assaulted myself my possessions and my children.