If I could speak I would utter words of wisdom

Of how the world needs healing and to see how

Deep the wounds are you need do little more than

Observe the concealing of the broken hearts and

Minds that even the simplest seeking would find

All about us

If I could listen and heal a mind I would seek that

Corner that space to find and sit there and listen

To all who wanted to say that today was that day

That pushed me past the point of caring made me

Fall from that cliff of sharing my soul and at the bottom

Is where you will find broken what this morning was

Whole in it’s desires to serve

If I could see a way past the hurt and pain again I

Would never sleep take off my dark glasses in an

Endeavour to seek all that was and is unwell with

The world you would find me by the road side dead

Eyes ears and mouth open not wanting to miss one

Single sight sound or word as I give my life for the living

Hoping that my mere passing would be enough for

Others to bring thanks and start giving that which is


But being the dreamer that I am I put on my glasses and

Do all that I can to hold back the tears and the screams

And thus I head home knowing all I can do is hold you and

Give that praise that you found me and it was my life that

You chose to save and tomorrow I’ll start another day another

Way to walk and show the world the love that I feel thinking

To myself that while I have you I know that his love and world

Are real xx