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She was already named when I received her from on of my son’s I now use her as the home server for music movies and more this is her current but not final resting place I leave the case open constantly for testing and repairing other hard drives and components from other computers but along with having four hard drives of her own there is the issue of heat when she is closed to say nothing of the noise from the additional fans bit of a pain really ;s iixx IMG_6569 IMG_6572

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Rotherham abuse… Everyone looks the other way at some point….


So why all the fuss over the abuse cases in Rotherham… it’s not like it’s the first time the police have messed up, or a council have put their own members personal agendas over that of the safety of the public or the rights of those being abused have become of more interest as a process rather than the longevity of the individuals involved… we the British public have allowed this situation to develop by being fearful of speaking out when we know things to be wrong by allowing ourselves and others to be bullied into situations where we do not stand up for what you know to be right… what happened to those children is not the responsibility of merely those in Rotherham but that of all whom have allowed the police and our government to function autonomously without accountability for far too long it’s not just the individuals that are at fault but the entire system of governance….!

Thought I’d take a look at the report for myself ;o 

Rotherham sexual abuse… the first thing that struck me is the list of those that knew… just another meeting

Racism on Crosscuntrytrains just another day in Racist Rutland….!



The fact that after sending the letter below to the train company concerned the following day I was detained by two police officers whom stated that they had received a complaint from five individuals whom had stated that they felt threatened and intimidated by my presence at the Leicester train station. I asked the officers concerned part of the team stationed at Leicester train station if they viewed this as a serious complaint I am come on I’m 50 and the complaint was being made by one young man 17-25 whom had verbally abused and threatened me for the entire journey the day before while his four friends encouraged him and laughed about it and now all where claiming that they felt threatened and intimidated because I was getting on the same train as them. I was kept at the station and grilled for half an hour on the platform and told if I had reported the incident the day before then there would be no further action taken against me. I asked for clarification of this point and was told that the officers were uncertain of my depiction of the evens and it would not have been in their experience the first time a black person had been threatening to a large group of individuals. I asked the officers concerned if they were being serious and they said yes ;o considering that I have not heard from either the officers or the train company I will assume that no action is to be taken against me for allowing myself to be verbally abused or having this endorsed by not only the police but the train company’s staff too. Had I not filed a complaint on the day that it happened I wonder if I would be facing yet another charge of harassment this time involving five racists instead of one head master or three individuals a local mp council executive and the headmaster. It would seem that racism within England is now defined as any black person having the gumption to stand up for themselves or members of their family when they are assaulted intimidated or bullied by public servants or governmental authority members. Personally I am willing prepared and able to defend myself my family members and my property from such blatant discriminatory practices and the intimidation of a community that feel confident enough to often and openly state that black people are not nor will ever be welcomed into this community… Life in Racist Rutland….!





Staff complaint your reference XC14085BC22


While travelling on the 16.18 train from Leicester to Oakham yesterday I asked a young man to move over and allow me to sit at the window seat of empty seat beside him. I was met with a torrent of verbal abuse and physical threats. I insisted that the seat was empty and due to the train being packed I wanted to sit in the seat. He continued to shout verbal abuse and threats at me saying that the seat was booked. I pointed out to him that the seat had been booked from Birmingham new street until Peterborough and thus having reached Leicester with no one occupying the seat the person either did not get on the train or had chosen to sit somewhere else. The young man got up and pushed pasted me continuing to be verbally and physically aggressive and went and sat two rows down on the opposite isle. The conductor came along when the young man was still being verbally loud and threatening and stated that if we both didn’t shut up he would throw us of at the next station. I told the conductor that I did not think that was appropriate considering all I had done was request the empty seat. The conductor’s response was that I should shut up or he would throw me off the train. When the train arrived at Oakham station I approached the back of the train where the conductor was standing and told him that I did not think his conduct was appropriate for a member of the crosscountry train staff and that he in fact had endorsed the verbal bullying and threats of physical assault that I had been receiving from the young man. At this point the young man again came to the train doors and continued to shout physical threats towards myself I told the conductor that it was his duty to do something about threats being made to passengers, his response was that he wasn’t interested. I again pointed out to the conductor that his behaviour was not appropriate to which he responded my boss is sitting right there in first class why don’t you go and say something to her. At this point I told the conductor I had noted his name from his name badge and I was going to report his conduct. He stated that he was not concerned and boarded the train which then proceeded to leave the station. During this time the young man was continuing to shout abuse through the then closed doors. I believe the conductors name was Craig. I then proceeded to come home and phone crosscountry trains and inform them of the incident where I was quoted the reference number XC140805BC22. I am very much concerned that in the ten years that I have been using crosscountry trains this is the fist inappropriately handled incident of verbal or physical threats that I have either witnessed or been part of. The conduct of the conductor was threatening bullying and inappropriate in every manor to state quite openly that he was not concerned with either my safety or the fact that I would report the matter is a clear demonstration of his inappropriateness to be serving as an individual with control and authority over both commuters and their safety.


Yours respectfully


Richard Bradley Wilks



Racism is part of being British….



There is no getting away from the underlying current of racism that is pervasive within British culture every aspect of Britishness is based upon this old ideology of the greatness of a nation that was built upon the enslavement and concurring of other nations it is this we are better attitude which today still fuels racism within this country. Uneducated inbred individuals whom think that being born white and British is enough to dictate not only to those within this country about what should and should not be allowed but further afield. Our continued association with those whom act even more racist than the British is part and parcel of this nature of supremacy. It is thus that the current concerns of those leaving this country to fight for the rights and liberties of others in distant lands has and will continue to be fuelled by the arrogance of Britishness. As such you only have to look at the news to see what is being reflected and how in both the British and American media. In a week that has seen an 18 year old black youth shot to death by the police in America an action which received no condemnation from any nation including Britain public opinion has been quiet and yet behead a white male and all of a sudden the world has something to say. The difference is that the death of yet another black person is acceptable the world over we have been dying for years at the hands of the police and authorities so much so that it has become an aspect of modern day living something to be avoided like prisons or parking tickets of loosing one’s education the authorities are something to be avoided for their intention is not to protect us but to control manipulate and humiliate us and as such our deaths lives history are nothing more than something to be contained. It will require many more beheadings bombings and killings for the white western world to know and fully understand what it is like to live in fear not to be able to have the expectations for one’s youth or younger generations  for there is a system that is fuelled upon their demise and it is this aspect that so many young persons are picking up upon and thus willing to risk everything in order to fight for that which is right the freedom from any form of oppression based upon cultural religious or national ideologies built around the basis of race. It is unavoidable for war is on ever land nation and upon every creed of people and first and foremost it is based upon racial hatred something of which the British people know only too well and goes deep to the hearts and minds of most if not all British peoples…

As if the actions of the Cuntish Racist MP’s Headmasters Police were’nt enough to deal with now the local cabbies have joined the action refusing to either carry me or pick up my shopping from around the town fuckeduptwisedracistcunts wait till the muslims come for you I’ll be cheering and giving the odd helping hand or three….

Cuntish Racist Cab Drivers whatever next

Cuntish Racist Cab Drivers whatever next


Sorry I don’t see what all the fuss is about… if your going to live penned up in any urban area designated by race creed or color you are just moving targets not just for police but all governmental agencies that’s the whole purpose of having your asses there in the firs place… I’m sorry but you don’t get the empathy or sympathy vote from me for when we are not robbing killing cheating on one another we are complaining about those that are doing it to us and while the occasional death is used to obtain those things that are out of reach for the majority the true fact is that most are so divided that they can not stand one another let alone stand together to bring about change… the reality of this system of things is that until such a time as a nation people or creed come together and forcibly take up arms to fight and die for freedom that freedom never comes and that is merely historical rhetoric we see all the while the youths of this country and others running off to fight for the rights of others or a distant thing to which they lay claim but the reality is that it is a reflection and indication of the tension that has laid dormant in this country for some time and slowly but surely it is making its way to the surface in all so called democratic free nations for the populace of underclass are slowly waking up to the fact that they are being kept under but the modern reality is that this system is so accustomed to dealing with repetitive history that it has become very good fast and effective at criminalizing all wanting rights enhancements or improvements and thus self blame for the conditions of the other will close the eyes of the general populace to any plight fight for justice democracy is dead and has been superseded by greed and self preservation long live the consumer….!

Shame about Robin Williams ;s so many others I would have wished death upon before him but little do we know the lives of those that entertain us and bring joy to us even if at times in tears…. from mork and mindy to what dreams may come not just inspiration but believable felt emotion via a screen something politicians must think can not happen when they stand there and lie to say nothing of the one’s that try it to your face or over the phone… what dreams my come is the one outstanding to me both because of the notion concept of love but also the romantic idea that someone anyone will love him enough to go and get him and take him home for his soul to find rest xxX

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“we are not interested in the fact that your son was assaulted in school, we are not interested in the legalities of either your arrest or breach of your copywrited material by the officers concerned, what we are interested in is the fact that you called the headmaster of Catmose College a racist cunt while he legitimately and with authority carried out his public duties, we are not interested in your ability to demonstrate a history of abuse of yourself and your children within both the school and your local community, what concerns us is the threat under which Mr Williams and his family felt after reading your blogs, as such we fine you £500 and sentence you to two months custody suspended for two years along with one hundred hours community service. You are advised that the police will closely monitor your sites with a view to curbing your behaviour….. Williams, Duncan, the Police, the local Council are not the only stinking dirty hypocritical cunts are they it would seem Loughborough magistrates also want to wear the same shoes suck the same dicks and bend over to receive and give favourable treatment too…. I’ve closely followed the sentencing patterns of courts lately and I have received more than sexual offenders, more than those that have physically assaulted women, more than drug dealers, more than habitual criminal and more that those assaulting others with knives… the description of cunts doesn’t even come close to describing you racist fucking dirty stinking bastards whom use abuse and manipulate you official positions in order to sustain what you would term as being a “black free community”…….

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