“we are not interested in the fact that your son was assaulted in school, we are not interested in the legalities of either your arrest or breach of your copywrited material by the officers concerned, what we are interested in is the fact that you called the headmaster of Catmose College a racist cunt while he legitimately and with authority carried out his public duties, we are not interested in your ability to demonstrate a history of abuse of yourself and your children within both the school and your local community, what concerns us is the threat under which Mr Williams and his family felt after reading your blogs, as such we fine you £500 and sentence you to two months custody suspended for two years along with one hundred hours community service. You are advised that the police will closely monitor your sites with a view to curbing your behaviour….. Williams, Duncan, the Police, the local Council are not the only stinking dirty hypocritical cunts are they it would seem Loughborough magistrates also want to wear the same shoes suck the same dicks and bend over to receive and give favourable treatment too…. I’ve closely followed the sentencing patterns of courts lately and I have received more than sexual offenders, more than those that have physically assaulted women, more than drug dealers, more than habitual criminal and more that those assaulting others with knives… the description of cunts doesn’t even come close to describing you racist fucking dirty stinking bastards whom use abuse and manipulate you official positions in order to sustain what you would term as being a “black free community”…….