Sorry I don’t see what all the fuss is about… if your going to live penned up in any urban area designated by race creed or color you are just moving targets not just for police but all governmental agencies that’s the whole purpose of having your asses there in the firs place… I’m sorry but you don’t get the empathy or sympathy vote from me for when we are not robbing killing cheating on one another we are complaining about those that are doing it to us and while the occasional death is used to obtain those things that are out of reach for the majority the true fact is that most are so divided that they can not stand one another let alone stand together to bring about change… the reality of this system of things is that until such a time as a nation people or creed come together and forcibly take up arms to fight and die for freedom that freedom never comes and that is merely historical rhetoric we see all the while the youths of this country and others running off to fight for the rights of others or a distant thing to which they lay claim but the reality is that it is a reflection and indication of the tension that has laid dormant in this country for some time and slowly but surely it is making its way to the surface in all so called democratic free nations for the populace of underclass are slowly waking up to the fact that they are being kept under but the modern reality is that this system is so accustomed to dealing with repetitive history that it has become very good fast and effective at criminalizing all wanting rights enhancements or improvements and thus self blame for the conditions of the other will close the eyes of the general populace to any plight fight for justice democracy is dead and has been superseded by greed and self preservation long live the consumer….!