Racism on Crosscuntrytrains just another day in Racist Rutland….!



The fact that after sending the letter below to the train company concerned the following day I was detained by two police officers whom stated that they had received a complaint from five individuals whom had stated that they felt threatened and intimidated by my presence at the Leicester train station. I asked the officers concerned part of the team stationed at Leicester train station if they viewed this as a serious complaint I am come on I’m 50 and the complaint was being made by one young man 17-25 whom had verbally abused and threatened me for the entire journey the day before while his four friends encouraged him and laughed about it and now all where claiming that they felt threatened and intimidated because I was getting on the same train as them. I was kept at the station and grilled for half an hour on the platform and told if I had reported the incident the day before then there would be no further action taken against me. I asked for clarification of this point and was told that the officers were uncertain of my depiction of the evens and it would not have been in their experience the first time a black person had been threatening to a large group of individuals. I asked the officers concerned if they were being serious and they said yes ;o considering that I have not heard from either the officers or the train company I will assume that no action is to be taken against me for allowing myself to be verbally abused or having this endorsed by not only the police but the train company’s staff too. Had I not filed a complaint on the day that it happened I wonder if I would be facing yet another charge of harassment this time involving five racists instead of one head master or three individuals a local mp council executive and the headmaster. It would seem that racism within England is now defined as any black person having the gumption to stand up for themselves or members of their family when they are assaulted intimidated or bullied by public servants or governmental authority members. Personally I am willing prepared and able to defend myself my family members and my property from such blatant discriminatory practices and the intimidation of a community that feel confident enough to often and openly state that black people are not nor will ever be welcomed into this community… Life in Racist Rutland….!


To: customer.relations@crosscountrytrains.co.uk



Staff complaint your reference XC14085BC22


While travelling on the 16.18 train from Leicester to Oakham yesterday I asked a young man to move over and allow me to sit at the window seat of empty seat beside him. I was met with a torrent of verbal abuse and physical threats. I insisted that the seat was empty and due to the train being packed I wanted to sit in the seat. He continued to shout verbal abuse and threats at me saying that the seat was booked. I pointed out to him that the seat had been booked from Birmingham new street until Peterborough and thus having reached Leicester with no one occupying the seat the person either did not get on the train or had chosen to sit somewhere else. The young man got up and pushed pasted me continuing to be verbally and physically aggressive and went and sat two rows down on the opposite isle. The conductor came along when the young man was still being verbally loud and threatening and stated that if we both didn’t shut up he would throw us of at the next station. I told the conductor that I did not think that was appropriate considering all I had done was request the empty seat. The conductor’s response was that I should shut up or he would throw me off the train. When the train arrived at Oakham station I approached the back of the train where the conductor was standing and told him that I did not think his conduct was appropriate for a member of the crosscountry train staff and that he in fact had endorsed the verbal bullying and threats of physical assault that I had been receiving from the young man. At this point the young man again came to the train doors and continued to shout physical threats towards myself I told the conductor that it was his duty to do something about threats being made to passengers, his response was that he wasn’t interested. I again pointed out to the conductor that his behaviour was not appropriate to which he responded my boss is sitting right there in first class why don’t you go and say something to her. At this point I told the conductor I had noted his name from his name badge and I was going to report his conduct. He stated that he was not concerned and boarded the train which then proceeded to leave the station. During this time the young man was continuing to shout abuse through the then closed doors. I believe the conductors name was Craig. I then proceeded to come home and phone crosscountry trains and inform them of the incident where I was quoted the reference number XC140805BC22. I am very much concerned that in the ten years that I have been using crosscountry trains this is the fist inappropriately handled incident of verbal or physical threats that I have either witnessed or been part of. The conduct of the conductor was threatening bullying and inappropriate in every manor to state quite openly that he was not concerned with either my safety or the fact that I would report the matter is a clear demonstration of his inappropriateness to be serving as an individual with control and authority over both commuters and their safety.


Yours respectfully


Richard Bradley Wilks