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Tell me of your dreams
Your plans to drown out
Those screams when your
Alone and the darkness
Calls to you by name and
Tell me of your dreams
In your blindness of despair
As you place those once
Close to you beneath the
Coldness of the ground never
Again to be found among
The living
Tell me of your dreams now
That your darkness is here to

And yet there is hope
As I shed a tear or two
For lost memories and
Things forgotten too
Dreams unfinished for
Shortness of the night
Songs unsung for fear
Of being right from wrongs
And yet there is hope
Within those eyes looking
Back at me calm with no
Surprise of a reflection I
Barely recognise as once
Being me

I think we got lost along the way
No words remembered nor what
We wanted to say
Glazed eyes where dreams used to be
Do you remember do you still see me
The way I see you or at least I used to
I think we got lost along the way
Somewhere between I love you and is this how it is meant to be

the shadowThat is left of me

Did it happen that way

Is my mind playing tricks on me

Are those truly the words you did say

Surely I am mistaken

You could not be so cruel

Or did you intend for my heart

And mind to be broken

No chance of repair for truly

You no longer care for me

For if you could see the shadow

That is left of me you would somehow

Change your mind

When they find me you will ask

Was it something I did or said

Was there some other way I could have

Acted that would not have resulted

In your being dead

Those questions you will ask merely

For self preservation and a farce

For you saw it in my eyes those

Cutting words and deeds bringing

My demise every closer

And yet you did not stop each

Pain each stab did bolster your

Resolve to finish me

To no longer see the glowing

Of my light for in your eyes

That devilish grin of the inevitable

End your thoughts would bring

To the smallness of my world

When my body they do bring from the

Depths of despair your back

You will turn without concern

As if I wasn’t there

For your coldness has spoken and

All hope was broken when you said

You no longer cared

There was no lie no last goodbye

For you were already empty

And lost now look upon my lifeless

Body now gone the only thing that

Could have repaired your brokenness of

Mind your heat you’ll soon find

Has gone the same way



All my love

All my desires

All my dreams

How is it that all are rolled in to one

Or so it seems

All my passions

All my drives

All those things I see with my eyes

That possibility could somehow bring

How can it be that one could make me sing

Such a song of life

The words are universal

The words are all that I define as you

In the distance

It used to be so easy

To know those things

To do

Pick up something for

Me or for you

It used to be so easy

To find words to say

Lets go this or thata way

But things have become


No longer am I sure of

Playing the right card

It’s all more like a guessing


Something’s changed something’s

So not the same

Is it me

Is it you

Not sure where to go or

Exactly what to do

Nothing seems to come out


No words no emotion no

Holding you tight

Something’s changed and I

Don’t know what to do not

Really sure if it’s me or you

But our time seems to have

Passed and I fear we are lost

In the distance of each others


Sometimes I find myself smiling

When I think of you

No real reason not anything you


Just my imaginations eye seeing

You once more

Sometimes I find myself smiling

Almost laughing with you at those

Silly things that we did do and say

Sometimes I miss you and don’t

Want to say for fear of disturbing

Memories of what was or could

Have been

Sometimes I smile and stop what

It is I am doing to live a while longer

In memory of us we you and I

And then sometimes just sometimes

I cry

But that my heart would be broken once more

solitude closeness to the door of that place with

no entrance where I have been before but don’t

remember the way but that my heart would be

broken once more to live to feel to know for sure

that I have not died in vain 

Sent from my iPhone

It’s not often that tears do bring

joy of remembrance at those things

of distance times and dreams of things

once remembered but never seen it’s not

often that tears do bring happiness to mind

and heart of things once lost before the start

of an eternity

Sent from my iPhone

Didn’t I give all there was to give didn’t I.
Didn’t I show all there was to show didn’t I. 
Didn’t I go that extra mile didn’t I.
Didn’t I pretend not to know didn’t I.
Didn’t I stop and let you go didn’t I.
Didn’t I hide my pain from show didn’t I. 
Didn’t I say it wasn’t so didn’t I. 

Now no one has to know it was me
Now no one has to see
Now no one has to cry
Now no one has to say goodbye 
Now no one has to feel the pain
Now no one has to pretend again 

I’ve taken all the blame again
I’ve kept quiet while you’ve played this game
I’ve ignored the fact of being used
I’ve accepted that I’m not for you
I’ve allowed my heart to be broken
I’ve given up on being that token of your love 

If I could choose the heart and mind of another

that thing once lost and yet to discover all that

was before if I could choose what to lay in my

heart what guided me in darkness do you not

think I would start with your love with your

love if I could choose I would I would



Dryfoot Brixton gal Angela Ashbolt loveyalongtime

Be growth restricted to the accumulation of knowledge

Then my thoughts would wonder to another and the

Contemplation of a time and place within a space that

Was not mine to give and yet it must be found somewhere

Sound for a footing of that other to bring but suppose in that space

Within mine self there is able waiting to be found some other

Knowledge of now a way of being not often seen in its physicality

It is such to create a time now and in the future past






In it’s name it’s foundations were lain in the darkest of

Places with well covered faces of hate deceit and lies

Resting upon what once did belong to a deity of times

Gone by hidden by seclusion amidst the confusion it

Places within the minds eye that hidden message of

Hope in order to cope until your time to die Mason


Does one see me with mine eye’s closed or mine

Heart open in the day or the night-time of ones

Dreams of distant realities for you and me let alone

Everyone else for such are the imaginations of love

To perceive that which is the ability to alter all things

In truth and light of one’s own restrictions of mind and


Abandoned in that place of hope with so much to cope for

In that instance of realisation that all the frustration was mere

Indication of the scope of deceit which not unique is woven

Within that which has not been according to the authority on sin

It is but an elitist style to keep one blind with no intent to find

That which has already been perfection

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