Did it happen that way

Is my mind playing tricks on me

Are those truly the words you did say

Surely I am mistaken

You could not be so cruel

Or did you intend for my heart

And mind to be broken

No chance of repair for truly

You no longer care for me

For if you could see the shadow

That is left of me you would somehow

Change your mind

When they find me you will ask

Was it something I did or said

Was there some other way I could have

Acted that would not have resulted

In your being dead

Those questions you will ask merely

For self preservation and a farce

For you saw it in my eyes those

Cutting words and deeds bringing

My demise every closer

And yet you did not stop each

Pain each stab did bolster your

Resolve to finish me

To no longer see the glowing

Of my light for in your eyes

That devilish grin of the inevitable

End your thoughts would bring

To the smallness of my world

When my body they do bring from the

Depths of despair your back

You will turn without concern

As if I wasn’t there

For your coldness has spoken and

All hope was broken when you said

You no longer cared

There was no lie no last goodbye

For you were already empty

And lost now look upon my lifeless

Body now gone the only thing that

Could have repaired your brokenness of

Mind your heat you’ll soon find

Has gone the same way