Is this the biggest coverup in Rutland

Oh! Scandals


Strange goings-on in Britain’s smallest county. On the morning of 15 June, Aman Mehra, Rutland council’s “director of places”, was confronted in the council offices by chief exec Helen Briggs. She told him he was suspended indefinitely and escorted him off the premises. That evening he was found hanged at his home in Leicester.

Helen Briggs

An inquest concluded he had taken his own life and recorded a narrative verdict. The court heard that “disciplinary” letters were found in his car, but their contents were not revealed. Colleagues say Mehra, 42, was honest, well-liked and appeared to have no problems. Family members, however, say he had complained of being “marginalised” at work and was worried after “discovering things that he shouldn’t have”.

Since Mehra’s death a group of three independent councillors, David Richardson, Nick Wainwright and Richard Gale, have demanded that the Tory council explain why he was suspended or, if he…

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