Stop the intrusion into my heart
I can trace your steps from where
You did start walking with my minds

I know you I said to myself as to
My spirit you said hi

I did not question or reason why
Have you come to me

I did not question or reason how
Could this possibly be that beauty
Has found its way into the safety
Of my reclusion for did I not lock
That gate and the key throw away
To confusion of past and history

Now do tell how it is that you walk
Within me as if you know my mind
Is this deceit of the lowest kind or
Will with time I somehow find this
Is what’s meant to be

Death and life now stand right there
Before me showing me there all for it
Does not matter rise or fall as my heart beats constantly from the fear the possibility near of a begging or an

And there stand death and life asking did you not know we were friends sister and brother to trouble and strife
Husband and wife to love and hate and all cousins of confusion….. Unfinished 😳🙈✌️️xx