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Today is not a good day to start anything
There is a dampness in the air and a burden
Upon my heart that is reminiscent of days
Gone by when the clouds of coldness hung
Low upon the hills of my soul. Such storms
We are told are necessary to reach those
Places like mountaintops distant foreboding
And yet calling every aspect of that which
We could someday be. Today is not that day
For my eyes feel the weariness of winter and
The grit of the beaches sand blowing in my
Face. But that I would find a place of rest upon
The shores of your loneliness that I may rest
A while in consideration of the distance yet to
Come. Is this what it is to feel to know of love
To be abandoned abandon others upon a beach
Of beauty with a heart to heavy to swim or notice
The nature of it all to wonder in the seas spray and
Not know one is even walking. How did I come this
Far without intention to move was I carried along
On the breeze of wanting to be am I truly lost to my
Own imaginations am I left on a distant shore not
Knowing sun from moonlight am I with the living or
The dead. How can it be that I feel so little but am
Aware of my connections to all things. Today is not
The day to be asking or answering such things for I
May not survive.


Frisky little critters

is it the little Rays of sunshine 

That makes the moody ones smile

That little extra daylight that makes them stay a while longer than usual

Has the gloom of winter left the hearts and minds 

Or has the coldness of people gone elsewhere to find its company

Again for another year the madness had started oh so it would seem to me

Everyone remembers your number and the fact that you can be fun on those longer nights of lapping waves upon the beaches of hearts remembered imaginations 

Funny how the sun brings out the frisky little critters πŸ™ˆπŸšΆπŸ˜³οΈxx 

A culture of acceptable endangerment

I was involved with Rutland County Council social services last week, not the first nor I suspect the last time. Their disrespectful racist discriminatory behaviour always leaves me shaking my head. They willingly continue to encourage young people to leave Oakham for nothing more than pure economic class and discriminatory reasons.

I chose to ask my seventeen year old to leave home rather than put up with a torrent of abuse and aggression which was becoming increasingly worse. I had intended to try and hang on till his eighteenth in two months but the attempted physical intimidation was a step to far especially after the encouragement of his mother a qualified approved social worker (go figure) whom recently held me from behind while he punched me in the face (I never thought I could show/have such personal restraint).

I wasn’t surprised when the police and social worker turned up but I was surprised that their concern was that I had assaulted him. I told them to get on with what ever process they thought that they needed to follow but I felt it necessary to remind them that the last time they tried that after eighteen months of investigation their own conclusion was that my older son could not be with anyone more appropriately qualified to cater for his needs ie EBDS and the judges condemnation of their stupidity at allowing themselves to be used.

I advised the social worker that I would be very much concerned should they not support my son and send him back to Colchester as they did with his brother as soon as he turned sixteen only to be put out on the streets a month later by his mother.

I’ve yet to hear from Rutland County Council but I have been made aware that my son is in fact back in Colchester this being despite my having raised my concerns that he was in danger of becoming involved in a drug culture that had already claimed and ruined the lives of two of his brothers with their mothers enforcement encouragement and support.

That in essence is a reflection of the deeply inherent discrimination held not only by these small minded inbred individuals in Oakham but as a generalisation the mentality of those whom work within social services up and down this country. There is a mentality of not prevention but perpetuation of abuse without consideration of those young people involved. A stupid blind person could see what these individuals refuse to see continually meeting after meeting and in the case of these bigots here that refuse to act upon not a one off warning but a continued warning spanning years. I advised these racists that should they send my previous son back to his mothers he would continue his drug and alcohol abuse which is why he came to me in the first place. And now with the second child after having hindsight and my continual warnings pleas and evidence of the environment he will be going into they took a day to make the arrangements for him to go….

It’s this culture of middle class superiority that has children being sexually abused in their hundreds that has a revolving door syndrome for families that to their own detriment often approach social services for support only to end up being accused manipulated intimidated and bullied for generations for one involvement is justification for any further investigation even of the next generation.

As a farther I’m in my twentieth year of fighting these assholes and I continue to watch as my children are denied an education have their life styles restricted are continually put in situations where their actual lives are in danger all because racists don’t want them in places like Rutland and will go to any extent to exclude them socially economically and politically.

I’ve today been told by rumours that my son had been excluded from one of his two college courses. Things are falling in place. I haven’t heard anything from the college but that may be because I expressed my concerns last year of their encouragement of my son to drop two other options to concentrate on triple business studies and triple sport my concern then being that failure of either would result in him not obtaining enough grades to enter university “don’t worry mr wilks we’re fully supportive here” fucking cunts….!

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