Today is not a good day to start anything
There is a dampness in the air and a burden
Upon my heart that is reminiscent of days
Gone by when the clouds of coldness hung
Low upon the hills of my soul. Such storms
We are told are necessary to reach those
Places like mountaintops distant foreboding
And yet calling every aspect of that which
We could someday be. Today is not that day
For my eyes feel the weariness of winter and
The grit of the beaches sand blowing in my
Face. But that I would find a place of rest upon
The shores of your loneliness that I may rest
A while in consideration of the distance yet to
Come. Is this what it is to feel to know of love
To be abandoned abandon others upon a beach
Of beauty with a heart to heavy to swim or notice
The nature of it all to wonder in the seas spray and
Not know one is even walking. How did I come this
Far without intention to move was I carried along
On the breeze of wanting to be am I truly lost to my
Own imaginations am I left on a distant shore not
Knowing sun from moonlight am I with the living or
The dead. How can it be that I feel so little but am
Aware of my connections to all things. Today is not
The day to be asking or answering such things for I
May not survive.