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dream too

If I told you of my dreams 

Would you fly with me 

Would you open your heart

And confide in me all those

Things would you share with

Me that make your heart beat

If I told you my dreams would

You dream with me open those

Things and care with me in all

Those places we would go

If I told you my dreams would

You dream too 

I want beauty in my life

Beauty I can hold both

Day and night 

I want to see beauty in 

My dreams in a smile in

All those little things that

Make life worth while I want

That beauty I see in you


Council tax robbery 

429 council tax summons at an additional charge £70 each which amounts to an additional revenue of £30,030 from those least able to pay just six weeks after the start of the council tax year…. That’s fucking robbery on a governmental scale how many other local authorities make that much income from the poor totally fucking disgusting 😳🙈🐜 



had a couple of people ask me about some church killing I don’t know nothing I don’t read the papers watch TV but from what I’ve been told I don’t see what all the fuss is about one individual acting as society thinks 😳🙈 there’s so much more to come for we watch the trees being chopped down because we are greedy and needy then stand like some indignat fool asking where’s that lovely forest we live longer to hate the world more twisted shit 😳🙈🚶🐜️xx 

I dreamed a dream of reality

That dream now scares me for

That dream I dreamed of reality

Was consistent in only me in

Times of changing and places

That could not possibly be for

Every time I woke I found myself

In another part and aspect of me

Past was mixed with future time

Was mixed with age the only constant 

thing was the dream would

Always change

I dreamed a dream of reality and now

Sleeping holds fear for me for I know

That in that dream of reality anything 

is possible you see 

You’ve broken my world as you appear 

in my exclusion shattered my 

reclusiveness with the intrusion of 

your mind which has left no space no 

peace to find in the darkness that 

becomes the light of unknowing 

undone are the illusions of times 

distances now my friend has come to 

findn that which was forsaken in the 

future of a past forgotten in the reality 

of a dream remembered again at the 

beginning of an end I find you leaving 

to arrive in the past of what is yet to 

come and I know things could be no 

other way for what to come must be 


I ask myself what new song

Will today bring 

What new lessons from yesterday 

Can I sing to fill the air 

Am I alone do I care for if nothing

Else I’ll hear the echo of my song

Carried upon the wind as she passes

Me by

Sing little caged bird sing for in the 

Morning who knows what will bring

My way the breeze of dawn maybe it 

will mean freedom for you and I xx 

If God had a language whatWould it be
Surly not English so dry sounding 

You see
Possibly French for the roll of the

Or maybe Spanish they seem to 

Have fun 
Japanese seems way to strange
Africanise sounds good on the plains
But really between me and you 
there’s only one possibility that’s 
Hebrew don’t you see 
Older than time it sounds Devine if I 
could speak it Id make you mine xx    

It seems strangely quiet without youNot that it wasn’t quiet before you but It’s a different kind of quietness knowing there is another who chooses to be so far everything seems so familiar for a first time like knowing it was/is a first but knowing too this was/is the path that has to be walked in order to get where I am unsure but I know this is the direction that has to be taken so many new concepts notions considerations upon my mind just what I needed to be pushed tested to that next level seeing so many aspects of where I have been wondering if I have the strength desire to watch another grow crawl from what was/is to what possibly could be we can only do that which we know and I know nothing whatsoever but that emptiness not knowing seems right to be in its right place at its right time and still I wonder not of what tomorrow may bring but what was today’s lesson what new song will I be able to sing in this madness of society xx 

and no it’s not a poem but merely an expression of me right here and right now for tomorrow may not come at all or I may never wake to greet it and I ask myself would I could I have done something differently my answer is that as always I did that which i felt to be the right thing and knowing that is enough for me xx 

Did not the wind blow strong

Steering the minds memories

Of imagination back to a place

Of being long forgotten from a

Trauma of beginning of an end

That was inevitable torn from the

Comfort of conception from the 

Only security lost in an instant

When forced upon the world

Oh how I long for the comfort 

Of that darkness never ending

Listening to the outer beat of her

Heart not knowing where she ended 

and I did start forgive me for leaving 

Abandoning all that was we for here

Now I stand alone called the me 

Apart from you such is the harshness 

Of birth that all is lost in an instant 


Tell me of your dreams 

Your plans to drown out

Those screams when your

Alone and the darkness 

Calls to you by name and

History calls again 

Tell me of your dreams

In your blindness of despair

As you place those once

Close to you beneath the

Coldness of the ground never

Again to be found among 

The living

Tell me of your dreams now

That your darkness is here to



Some peeps just get it right ;s ️xx

An empty space....


I love this…. It is as if someone wrote the very words I think, when I think……
….about you….

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Sometimes I’m not sure what it is I’m doing but that does not stop me from doing it I would could should say it is for love but it is rather that I love to do it cook eat play with computers play the tunes until I think hay that’s a bit loud and turn it down a while until the next rewind point hay kitchen DJ play a likkle tune for me I poked my head out yesterday and found people were still dying still lying to live that life of slowness till death burry me quickly I plea before they find a cure for me 😳🙈🏃✌️️xx                                                               

With silence

Just one more day

To wipe away the tears

To sleep a little longer know

All my fears


Just one more day

To say my goodbyes

To look just one more time

With wonder and surprise at

Those things I’ve seen in passing

One last look without gasping at the

Beauty of it all


I’ll go quietly without fuss

Not wanting to see that rush

To say goodbye to the dying

For just as in life I want to pass

Without discussing what it used to be


Just one more day

To say my goodbyes

With silence

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