It seems strangely quiet without youNot that it wasn’t quiet before you but It’s a different kind of quietness knowing there is another who chooses to be so far everything seems so familiar for a first time like knowing it was/is a first but knowing too this was/is the path that has to be walked in order to get where I am unsure but I know this is the direction that has to be taken so many new concepts notions considerations upon my mind just what I needed to be pushed tested to that next level seeing so many aspects of where I have been wondering if I have the strength desire to watch another grow crawl from what was/is to what possibly could be we can only do that which we know and I know nothing whatsoever but that emptiness not knowing seems right to be in its right place at its right time and still I wonder not of what tomorrow may bring but what was today’s lesson what new song will I be able to sing in this madness of society xx 

and no it’s not a poem but merely an expression of me right here and right now for tomorrow may not come at all or I may never wake to greet it and I ask myself would I could I have done something differently my answer is that as always I did that which i felt to be the right thing and knowing that is enough for me xx