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Am I that 1%

Ethnic Group

This address (Graffham Drive, Oakham) can be considered less ethnically diverse than the UK average. As whole, the UK population claims itself as approximately 86% white, with residents of this area being 99% so.

The UK is home to a number of sizable populations of non-white residents, with mixed ethnicity (2.1%), Indian (2.4%) and Pakistani (1.9%) being the largest groups reported.

There is considerable division of ethnicities within the UK, with ethnically diverse addresses uncommon outside of urban areas


Ethnic Group
White 368
Mixed Ethnicity 4
Black African 1
Total 373


So it fi gho ;o xx

Breaking News Nacro endorses racism…..


What could persuade a charity that has built its reputation upon notions of social justice to act discriminatorily…. the answer in short is Alan Duncan MP and Rutland police along with Rutland County Council all of whom seem to have unstoppable persuasive powers to dictate their will to colleges, local business and now adding to their reach Nacro. Added to this new tactic of discrimination is the withholding of Enhanced DBS checks. It’s nothing new to me I’ve never received one back within three months for the last ten years. But this latest one has gone way beyond that. It’s now been six months with no sign of completion.

Tracking Service

Thank you for using the tracking service

The DBS Application Form E0489436813 was received by the DBS on 16 Dec 2015. Its current progress is:

Stage 1 (Application Form received and validated): Completed  on 16 Dec 2015
Stage 2 (Police National Computer searched): Completed  on 21 Dec 2015
Stage 3 (DBS Children, DBS Adults and List 99 searched, where applicable): Completed  on 22 Dec 2015
Stage 4 (Records held by the Police search): In Progress
Stage 5 (Certificate Printed): Not Started
This is as of 20/05/2019


I’ve had four interviews with Nacro. On the second they offered me the position of tutor stating quite clearly that my references and micro teaching were satisfactory. The following two were to discuss proposed changes to the structural composition of the actual classrooms and my desire to integrate IT in to every aspect of the learning process. I was comfortable with the fact that having advised Nacro of the inevitable delay that would happen with my Enhanced DBS due to past experience that they were willing to wait for this. It was thus a surprise to receive after four months a withdrawal of offer based upon references. Of course I questioned this pointing out that at three interviews I had been informed that these were fine and all that remained was the Enhanced DBS. Nacro have declined to respond to several inquires in regards to the matter. Am I surprised. Yes and no. This is the forth time that this has happened whereby I have been offered a position received the contracts and then the job has been withdrawn. Of course none of those involved have at any time being willing to expand. Stamford College, Grantham College and Leicester Colleges all seem to Sercombe to cold feet external influences. But the fact remains that since successfully defending myself and my children against the discriminatory actions of Rutland County Council, Rutland Police, Catmose Federation and Alan Duncan I have become unemployable. Was it worth it? The answer has to be yes for both my son’s have been able to move on and overcome the inherent discrimination which is an everyday aspect of living in racist Rutland. Had I not fought for their right’s one would have never made it through school let alone to now attend university and the other would have been continued to be beaten on the streets of Oakham with the support and endorsement of the local Racist Police Force.


Those moments of godliness when the world stands still and all things have meaning

That time stretched to encompass all things in there order seemingly just then to make

Sense of the madness that was before

And in the skip of a heartbeat normality rushes in bringing back the chaos of today and forgotten

Is the notion that all things were and are making sense

And still we are here coping looking forward to what it is that tomorrow may bring trying to forget that which we know to be true

For the truth reveals only our captivity and the knowledge that we willingly allowed this to be

I look away with the despair of one who has condemned another to the misery of remembrance

And I feel the cries of those falling into an awakening  

Why do we still have prisons…..?


“At the end of only six days we had to close down our mock prison because what we say was frightening. It was no longer apparent to us or most of the subjects where they ended and their roles began. The majority had indeed become “prisoners” or “guards”, no longer able to clearly differentiate between role-playing and self. There were dramatic changes in virtually every aspect of their behaviour, thinking and feeling. In less than a week, the experience of imprisonment undid (temporarily) a lifetime of learning; human values were suspended, self-concepts were challenged, and the ugliest, most base, pathological side of human nature surfaced. We were horrified because we saw some boys (“guards”) treat other boys as if they were despicable animals, taking pleasure in cruelty, while other boys (“prisoners”) became servile, dehumanised robots who thought only of escape, or their own individual survival, and of their mounting hatred of the guards. “

McLeod, S. A. (2016). Zimbardo – Stanford Prison Experiment. Retrieved from

Should that be the ideology and ethos behind prisons then those in government are fully aware of the detrimental effects not only upon the prisoners but also their guards. There can be no claim that one is unaware of not only the effects upon both those groups but upon society as a whole as prisons are always equated with a microcosm of the wider society. Bosses are guards as workers are prisoners. Prisons will not change until the wider society changes and the guards are happy being not only in control but sadistic bastards to boot. We are all in prison

Perceived darkness

Of late I’ve been speaking with people I know. There is a darkness around I’m not sure if it’s comingfrom them or 

going to them but it’s deafening around them. 

Not sure what’s going on but I feel it I see it I sence it. It’s been there for a while not so much around those that I know and love but I’ve noticed it amongst others and seeing  it closer to home is bringing it into perspective. 

Imagination I don’t think so I don’t have that kind of imagination otherwise I’d read I don’t read because I can’t picture things that I see in writing. And thus I would not question myself but merely accept the fact that there is something there I do worry for those that I know and also those that I don’t know because there is something there something coming closer to us all. 

The mere fact that it was endorsed by politicians should have been a warning… when have they every acted in the best interest of the populace. This is a prime example of those with the social, economic, political power and position changing society to suit themselves…..
In 1973, the weight of empirical data, coupled with changing social norms and the development of a politically active gay community in the United States, led the Board of Directors of the American PsychiatricAssociation to remove homosexuality from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).

Homosexuality and Mental Health – Psychology

Are these 79 countries wrong……!


79 countries where homosexuality is illegal



No such thing as institutional racism

The original post is in quotation marks…. I felt it needed updating after the continued discriminatory practices of Stewart Williams, MP Alan Duncan, Leicestershire and Rutland Police and Rutland County Council…. You are practicing racist and as such it is nearing a time for you to be dealt with. I fully understand your ability to economically restrict individuals so as to minimise their prospective life chances. You are aware that your actions restrict and reduce opportunities not only for the individuals concerned but also their children and grandchildren. For that reason alone you should be dead. But your time is coming, hiding behind and in your locked car’s homes and places of work will not save you.

“I do have difficulty with justification from those individuals whom have aspects of control of the lives of others within their remit in regards to their work related activities for surely if you choose to do or allow to be done that which can be perceived as wrong then are you not in fact endorsing all actions that follow as a consequence of your act or omission and thus that I try to help where I can is just total and utter bullshit in your capacity as whatever you willingly allowed another harm justify it how you want there are no innocent or naive people working for governmental departments you in fact are fully aware of the requirements of your position….! Thus there is no notion or concept of institutional racism for it is you in your capacity and ability to make a choice that chooses to be racist and as such the notion of institutional racism has left itself open to challenge where an individual has and continues to carry out an act or omission knowing this will adversely affect an individual or group more so than any other within society…!”


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