Breaking News Nacro endorses racism…..


What could persuade a charity that has built its reputation upon notions of social justice to act discriminatorily…. the answer in short is Alan Duncan MP and Rutland police along with Rutland County Council all of whom seem to have unstoppable persuasive powers to dictate their will to colleges, local business and now adding to their reach Nacro. Added to this new tactic of discrimination is the withholding of Enhanced DBS checks. It’s nothing new to me I’ve never received one back within three months for the last ten years. But this latest one has gone way beyond that. It’s now been six months with no sign of completion.

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The DBS Application Form E0489436813 was received by the DBS on 16 Dec 2015. Its current progress is:

Stage 1 (Application Form received and validated): Completed  on 16 Dec 2015
Stage 2 (Police National Computer searched): Completed  on 21 Dec 2015
Stage 3 (DBS Children, DBS Adults and List 99 searched, where applicable): Completed  on 22 Dec 2015
Stage 4 (Records held by the Police search): In Progress
Stage 5 (Certificate Printed): Not Started
This is as of 20/05/2019


I’ve had four interviews with Nacro. On the second they offered me the position of tutor stating quite clearly that my references and micro teaching were satisfactory. The following two were to discuss proposed changes to the structural composition of the actual classrooms and my desire to integrate IT in to every aspect of the learning process. I was comfortable with the fact that having advised Nacro of the inevitable delay that would happen with my Enhanced DBS due to past experience that they were willing to wait for this. It was thus a surprise to receive after four months a withdrawal of offer based upon references. Of course I questioned this pointing out that at three interviews I had been informed that these were fine and all that remained was the Enhanced DBS. Nacro have declined to respond to several inquires in regards to the matter. Am I surprised. Yes and no. This is the forth time that this has happened whereby I have been offered a position received the contracts and then the job has been withdrawn. Of course none of those involved have at any time being willing to expand. Stamford College, Grantham College and Leicester Colleges all seem to Sercombe to cold feet external influences. But the fact remains that since successfully defending myself and my children against the discriminatory actions of Rutland County Council, Rutland Police, Catmose Federation and Alan Duncan I have become unemployable. Was it worth it? The answer has to be yes for both my son’s have been able to move on and overcome the inherent discrimination which is an everyday aspect of living in racist Rutland. Had I not fought for their right’s one would have never made it through school let alone to now attend university and the other would have been continued to be beaten on the streets of Oakham with the support and endorsement of the local Racist Police Force.