It’s not the distance we travel that makes life hard

It’s the people we carry and those we discard

For the heart and mind are limited and sometimes

We see others along the way and we ask do you

Want to come with me but you have you room

They say

Hold on a sec I’ll see what I can do but then the

Choices are given to you do you carry more than

Your really meant to or lose another along the way

Wait here my friend someday I will be back for you

And on that journey we stay


Left behind on the side of the road, hungry sad lonely

And cold we wait for that other who the story did told

That this way they’d come again

Passersby catch our eyes

Hay you come with me to stay is demise

But lost and alone with distant eyes we say

I’m waiting for my friend

Don’t be silly you lonely fool promises are broken

That’s the golden rule and here you’ll be all alone


In the distance you can hear the cries

Some are hello’s and others goodbyes

And ever so often it appears to the eyes that

There’s other along that road

Distant and still almost like road kill they litter

The way ahead and behind

Maybe I should walk and try to catch up those

That have left me behind


As I walk I meet others I’ve seen before

How long have you been here where have

You been

Do you want me to carry you

Hop on and we’ll start our journey

Once more