During the 70s and 80s I attended so many political marches rallies and demonstrations in regards to equality. There was no distinction it was about sexual liberation inclusion of all abilities and the acceptance of all creeds and colours.

Sexuality was the first to be integrated into the main stream partly due to the ever so public portal of the homophobic brutality with which it was being attacked. The general public ever fearful of violence wholeheartedly supported the integration of these individuals whom through no fault of their own had sexual different likings.

Next came disabilities. How could any progressive modern nation not consider those unable to gain access to work leisure social venues drastic changes were made for their inclusion.

That left blacks. No longer supported by the sexual brigade abandoned by disabilities they were left to march alone. There was no excuse for being black it was not a medical condition nor a genetic differences of a perceived norm. Blacks were accountable for their own social political and economic standing. Those same disabled and sexually different individuals that blacks had previously supported became the front line barriers to political inclusion. Incorporated into local government infused with that new sense of power those once allies vigorously rebuffed any attempt at advancement.

One small concession was made allowing a small number of black females to enter the political arena unfortunately that required almost losing their blackness. The stage finally set blackness was abandoned as a notion of inequality and pushed into the realm of threatening deviance.

The harshness with which blacks and black males in particular are treated by the  legal systems in the western world reflect nothing more than the desire to never allow equality. As such blacks can be beaten murdered and publicly humiliated without fear of repercussion from the wider society. If it were a dog or a child there would be outrage condemnation and change but be it a black man woman or youth and the victim is seen as deserving such treatment.

It is time to take control of and defend our own communities. There are so many aspects of our communities that are not right and require drastic action to ensure the safe nurturing of the young just as much as there is a need to defend ourselves and our communities from the authorities that seem hell bent on its moral and social destruction. We are at war with both a system of continual abuse and our fellow blacks that have lost all notions of self-worth and integrity. Until we accept this fact and collectively act against it we will continue to be lost and continue to loose…….