Student Loans & the Limitation Act 1980….. Pass it on…….


The government’s sale of student loans to a semi-quango company was always dubious. The fact that these were the older loans many of which fell under the above mentioned act brings into question not only the motive of the government but also the motives of this so called new founded company. Those whom still owe monies on their student loans which are 6/7 years old need to apply to see if they fall under the Act. In addition they need to examine their loans for the earnings clause which usually accompanied many loans prior to mid to early 1990’s. My loans were covered by a clause which meant that I did not have to pay back anything while I was earning under £25.000 although the government made this extremely difficult by bringing in a system that required a “deferment” for each year upon which records were conveniently lost and communications not received. No problem for good and accurate record keepers. I’m concerned for those that have been intimidated bullied and just plain lied to in order for this company to recover money that is statutory barred. deceitful underhanded tactics from a government that daily shows it’s lack of consideration for its populace………… pass it on……….


Student Loan Dismissal.JPG