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I’m fast becoming racist

I’m fast becoming racist

Two days on facebook and I could calmly kill somebody…..

I’m of the opinion it like all forms of mass media are aimed solely at the un/educated unthinking masses and in our time that includes those with degrees if not more.

Conversations demonstrations and world centre stage is given over to hatred and discrimination against that other…. still. Tell me how one is supposed to have a reasonable interaction with the other without questioning either their motivation or our own.

I’m fast becoming racist for the human race got up this morning knowing how fucking bad the world was yesterday and everyone one of us are carrying on the same stinking way for we know best each and every last one of us. Because we’re all educated now……!

The beauty of education is that most of those within it want in some way to advance.

The negativity of education is that its ethos is solely perpetuation of both itself and now.

Black people are breaking their necks to perpetuate inequality ensuring that their children somehow make it though school, college and university. And some do only to face that every changing bar 1 GCSE, 5 GCSE’s, College blar bla blar bla blar

Most frustrating for me…. that black people really don’t get or want to the message. I will qualify that Black Westerners. Discrimination is no longer a thing to strive to eliminate it is something to be endured. “well it’s not as bad as it used to be” “yeah you know I got a son at uni now”. We’ve become part of that two holiday’s two car’s culture of it doesn’t really affect me. And yet overrepresentation in mental health and judicial systems, school exclusion rates and death at the hands to law enforcement continue to remain consistent.

Two days of a world coming to a standstill over the enforcement of national boundaries in a country that still shoots black children in the street. I hear no cries of human rights issues as they march over the blood of blacks to protest for once again I hear the cry of communists. This didn’t start yesterday!

Hopefully my account will be deactivated for longer than a year this time it might give me enough time to learn something….!


The incarceration rates disproportionately impact men of color: 1 in every 15 African American men and 1 in every 36 Hispanic men are incarcerated in comparison to 1 in every 106 white men. 2. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, one in three black men can expect to go to prison in their lifetime.13 Mar 2012

You need to take note of the last sentence for that same commission see no wrong with the prospect of 3rd of black men going to prison at some point in their lives in either America or the United Kingdom it’s just statistical information….!

21,937 prisoners, was from a minority ethnic group. This compares to around one in 10 of the general population.

Out of the British national prison population, 10% are black and 6% are Asian. For black Britons this is significantly higher than the 2.8% of the general population they represent.

Overall black prisoners account for the largest number of minority ethnic prisoners (49%).

At the end of June 2014, 28% of minority ethnic prisoners were foreign nationals.

According to the Equality and Human Rights Commission, there is now greater disproportionality in the number of black people in prisons in the UK than in the United States.

Somethings wrong…..! iixx

The thing with any possibility of change is the restrictions of those that know or knew you for all actions words or deeds are forever confined to their history of who and what you were thereby seeking to forever restrict your progression or change   within a social setting.  It thus may at times be necessary to remove oneself from the social in order to bring about an emotional spiritual or physical change but once back within the social those closet to you will often ignore confine or reduce any noticeable change until it fits their own memory pattern in essence forcing one to to regress to a previous state of being in order to be accepted socially or once again to withdraw from the social in order to continue with ones own development. A possible way forward is to leave behind in physicality such individuals leave behind being the most apt expression for such persons are content with their own circumstances and will be unable to relate to anything one does or says on the level upon which it was intended for to do so would require unconditional positive regard ie love without condition or expectations and should such a position be possible it would necessitate the notion concept of once loved always loved for the reality is that we cannot unlove persons. We may at times grow to dislike another but that does not negate the fact that we have love for them for this too is an aspect of our foundation upon which the self is built. 

This being my second attempt to examine understand accept such notions and concepts in relation to not only love but contextual love I feel closer to an understanding of self and others but I don’t feel it’s finished and somewhat look forward to learning experiencing and sharing more with a select few for mere observation informs me that not only is this a path not chosen by others but one so many are incapable of and for me there’s an uncomfortablenes in that notion concept for I was for a long time “sure” that if I was capable of a thing then surely all persons were for am I not merely a man as so many others are…… iixx 


It’s the first book I’ve read in like forever I tend to stick to educational books or just psychology when reading, other stuff requires a picturenary imagination that I just haven’t got 😡😳🙈 but at the end of this one the thing that sticks out is “gerotranscendence”…. Enjoyable reading though it was names given to notions and concepts that I’ve considered in my own ignorance, understandings and stumbles of thought…. as an add on we like to think things have an order of development but that just makes them easier for the world and others to both restrict and contain us to their own notions of time space and development anything outside of this is not acceptable for the world must have its order imposed by that parasite known as man I’m comfortable with the notion that many will not understand a word I’m saying as much as I am with knowing some will choose not to for your persona has from time indicated your….. Being 😳🙈😂😗😏👌🏾💩’s      iixx 

#blacklivesmatter you people are jokers running up and down like you just invented the wheel continually sucking up to those that you supposedly are protesting against you haven’t saved a life yet in fact I would say you have contributed to further deaths what you need to do is organise arm lead a people whom for whatever reason seem to be targeted throughout the states and europe but you seem to be playing a popularity game and seeking merely to promote your individual and organisational needs while black children’s blood continues to pour into the ground don’t march and block roads for an hour or two blow the fucking things up and see what happens when the wider community are restricted… knock out power plants phone exchanges severer stations especially prior to rioting knockdown phone towers and bridges in essence grow some fucking balls and take direct action instead to continuing to set our children up to be used and abused your actions speak clearly you want to be in the position of those you are complaining about rather than imitating them you should be declaring the war that we are so obviously in jokers your as big a problem as the institutional establishments you claim to dislike hence your twitter facebook and other public faces but the reality is you’ve abandoned all hope and misled those whom have the balls and are willing to stand up and do say something while you sit at those tables for poltite political social and moral discussions look beneath your feet for the bones of our ancestors are supporting your sorry assed selves.


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