#blacklivesmatter you people are jokers running up and down like you just invented the wheel continually sucking up to those that you supposedly are protesting against you haven’t saved a life yet in fact I would say you have contributed to further deaths what you need to do is organise arm lead a people whom for whatever reason seem to be targeted throughout the states and europe but you seem to be playing a popularity game and seeking merely to promote your individual and organisational needs while black children’s blood continues to pour into the ground don’t march and block roads for an hour or two blow the fucking things up and see what happens when the wider community are restricted… knock out power plants phone exchanges severer stations especially prior to rioting knockdown phone towers and bridges in essence grow some fucking balls and take direct action instead to continuing to set our children up to be used and abused your actions speak clearly you want to be in the position of those you are complaining about rather than imitating them you should be declaring the war that we are so obviously in jokers your as big a problem as the institutional establishments you claim to dislike hence your twitter facebook and other public faces but the reality is you’ve abandoned all hope and misled those whom have the balls and are willing to stand up and do say something while you sit at those tables for poltite political social and moral discussions look beneath your feet for the bones of our ancestors are supporting your sorry assed selves.