It’s the first book I’ve read in like forever I tend to stick to educational books or just psychology when reading, other stuff requires a picturenary imagination that I just haven’t got 😡😳🙈 but at the end of this one the thing that sticks out is “gerotranscendence”…. Enjoyable reading though it was names given to notions and concepts that I’ve considered in my own ignorance, understandings and stumbles of thought…. as an add on we like to think things have an order of development but that just makes them easier for the world and others to both restrict and contain us to their own notions of time space and development anything outside of this is not acceptable for the world must have its order imposed by that parasite known as man I’m comfortable with the notion that many will not understand a word I’m saying as much as I am with knowing some will choose not to for your persona has from time indicated your….. Being 😳🙈😂😗😏👌🏾💩’s      iixx