The thing with any possibility of change is the restrictions of those that know or knew you for all actions words or deeds are forever confined to their history of who and what you were thereby seeking to forever restrict your progression or change   within a social setting.  It thus may at times be necessary to remove oneself from the social in order to bring about an emotional spiritual or physical change but once back within the social those closet to you will often ignore confine or reduce any noticeable change until it fits their own memory pattern in essence forcing one to to regress to a previous state of being in order to be accepted socially or once again to withdraw from the social in order to continue with ones own development. A possible way forward is to leave behind in physicality such individuals leave behind being the most apt expression for such persons are content with their own circumstances and will be unable to relate to anything one does or says on the level upon which it was intended for to do so would require unconditional positive regard ie love without condition or expectations and should such a position be possible it would necessitate the notion concept of once loved always loved for the reality is that we cannot unlove persons. We may at times grow to dislike another but that does not negate the fact that we have love for them for this too is an aspect of our foundation upon which the self is built. 

This being my second attempt to examine understand accept such notions and concepts in relation to not only love but contextual love I feel closer to an understanding of self and others but I don’t feel it’s finished and somewhat look forward to learning experiencing and sharing more with a select few for mere observation informs me that not only is this a path not chosen by others but one so many are incapable of and for me there’s an uncomfortablenes in that notion concept for I was for a long time “sure” that if I was capable of a thing then surely all persons were for am I not merely a man as so many others are…… iixx