This is a copy of the email sent to both my local council and the housing association Neither seems too perturbed about the situation and thus I am now forced to take matters into my own hands. When it gets to court their response is likely to be the same as that of the local council and also that of the housing association in that the local council said they would get back to me whenever and the housing association that they will look into putting up a fence in April. I am forced now into the situation whereby I have to respond as not to do so is to give in to this form of bullying and harassment and that I am not willing to do…. Watch this space………!


Following on from my phone conversation this morning with a

member of your team I am sending you a copy of the email I

have sent to the local council in regards to this matter which

has reached a critical point whereby I now feel intimidated and

harassed daily. This is now affecting my sleep mentality and

completely ruining my ability to enjoy both the property and

my own front garden. I am no longer able to sit outside due to

the harassment from both the neighbours and their daily visitors

I have in fact become a prisoner within my own home.



Richard Bradley Wilks

78 Graffham Drive



LE15 6DQ


Following on from my phone call this morning I would like to reiterate

and expand upon the concerns I raised with you on the phone which



1… that for over a year my neighbours at 76 Graffham Drive have allowed

their visitors to bring their dogs to the drive without keeping them on leads


2…. that this had resulted in the dogs using my front garden and door as their



3…. that this is every weekend consisting of a minimum of two dogs but on

most occasions has been three to five dogs.


4…. that there is a dog visiting my neighbours for up to a month at a time with

only one or two weeks respite before it’s next visit.


5…. that several days a week my neighbours as well as having an Alsatian there

full time now looks after one of their daughters dogs and thus two dogs are constantly

allowed out of their property to foul the area outside my home.


6…. that at weekends there are up to three dogs outside my property without collars

or being on leads barking and rushing at not only my visitors but anyone passing on the

street or going to the children’s play area.


7…. that I have consistently for the past year requested that the neighbours ask their

visitors to control their dogs and put them on leads, which has been to no avail.


8….. this weekend I have had to clean up dog mess from three dogs of my front lawn.


9….. that when four to five individuals stand outside your property laughing as their dog

fouls on your doorstep that amounts to harassment intimidation and bullying.



I look forward to hearing from you shortly in respect of the above





Richard Bradley Wilks