Rutland County Council continue to support and endorse racism within the town of Oakham. Despite being advised of the racist conduct of many of it’s residents it refuses to take seriously or address issues of discrimination. This is not surprising considering it’s own record in regard to this matter for it is no stranger to supporting the likes of the racist Alan Duncan and local school headmaster Stewart Williams in breaking copyright laws in an attempt to have myself convicted and that’s to say nothing of the police whom are willing to do their dirty work for them in both schools and the local community PC Joe Lloyd.

Alan Duncan’s racist ideologies are well documented but still he was knighted and continues to serve the business interests of those within and behind British government. Foreign diplomats are well aware of his economic influence throughout Europe and as such are cautious in their dealings with him. The same can be said of the current prime minster Theresa May whom has a recorded history of ignoring calls for assistance from the black communities prior to her becoming prime minister. Britain has always been racist but it seems the days of Enoch Powel are fast returning to the streets of Britain and the halls of Westminster.

Rutland County Council are now even willing to overlook even council tax violations and dog handling breaches in order to have it’s own ends met. Regardless of the breaches or perpetrators there is no sign of justice within the county of Rutland……..–by-actually-listening-to/,+nationalist+Brexit