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imaginations of a coming

in the beating of my heart lays a

thousand dreams of what is was

and could be forever distant in

the wondering of a mind caught in

an illusion defined as time



that other half of me that half that

doth see the shadows of the darkness

in places that cannot be only known

in whispers by those no longer able

to see the wonders of this world



love cannot be taken from the heart

but can be surrounded by the desires

of the darkness in vengeance and hatred

of what once was and the imaginations

of a coming

would it be that I were born in blindness

unable to see the darkness of the eyes

and minds that surround me not knowing

of the shades of personality that hide a

darker reality that perception can see

would it be that I was unable to see the

pain and misery within which there be

no charity for the lost would it be that

I were not born


In those eyes are misery of a lost reality

that cannot replace that which has come

to be the now would it be that we could

find another way to be another way to see

who we could be in this time for unknown

are the possibilities of that which has to come


was there a beginning to the end was there a

time when there was nothing to defend from

am I here to see the comings and goings

of what was once now to hear the cries

of children from the darkness of minds

that have lost all sense of reality confined

to the diminishing sights of what should

be their guardians in light but instead confine

all to a abyss of loss am I here too


I feel you in my shadow

watching waiting seeing

expressing that which you



I see you in reflections of

what is not there peeking

from the movement of



I hear you in the silence

of the morning between

the wind and responses

of the meadows


And yet here I be alone

in the silence of my mind

listening to the echoes of

wishful thinking and imagination

dreamers of what could be

I can almost see it and you

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would we

try so hard if we knew

that all we know amounts

to nothing that can be used


would we

love a little less

cry a little harder

forgive our own regrets

and hold on ever harder

to those that we love


would we

speak in a language that cannot

be heard

seen in reflections with shadows


caught in the blink of an eye

was that imagination or something

gone by

flames to ashes ashes to flame things

once different now the same

is this the end of a different beginning

or the beginning of an end that is different

are they not the same for death

is an illusion and life but a game




did not winters dream catch me

sleeping in memories of you

lost in the distance of a past

come true not knowing of any

other now than was you in our

love woken from death with the

glance of a blow from what is

to become and what we will



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