Last Christmas at the insistence of my youngest I spent it with my ex-wife and our children. The woman was as sick as a dog so we dragged her down the local hospital where she was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. They drained the fluid from her lungs in the most barbaric process of merely puncturing her side, seriously in this day and age they could find no better way. She asked for my help as she had just brought a house. So willingly I helped with the physical things redecorating stripping out the kitchen getting it ready for a new one. But in the meantime I did a little online research and came up with alternative treatments for cancer. Wheatgrass and CBD Oils seemed to be top of all search lists. So we got the seeds grew the wheatgrass and she started taking the extract with the CBD Oils. In addition she started the chemo therapy. By the second chemo session after another full examination they could not find the cancer. This was somewhat surprising/amazing considering that she had been informed that it was in her glands. Having had six chemo treatments and six radiotherapy sessions another two full examinations could find no sign of the cancer. The medical explanation being it must have melted away hahahahahahaha. Throughout the whole process Jackie was amazingly positive being very insistent that she would not be beaten by this condition. She was right. She also had two visits to a spiritual healer in Chelmsford where she stated that she could actually feel something going on in her chest when this guy held his hands over it. On top of that she had family and friends sending positive vibes and prayers her way. I know both my brother and mother had their whole congregations praying for her. Something worked, something positively amazing took place to remove every trace of cancer from her body. I wish I could say it was this or that but the reality is we will never know for sure but to me that defines a miracle. I would suggest recommend to anyone going through the caner process to try/investigate both wheatgrass and CBD Oils their properties and ability to oxygenate the blood and body is the exact opposite of what the cancer does and thus is theory at least would equalize things. Most of all stay positive, surround yourself with positive people and never give up there is always hope there is always a chance. To my youngest two son’s Malachi and Isaiah I have nothing but admiration and respect their dedication and support in every aspect of the process was truly a blessing to behold I hope their mother realises what a true blessing those young men are.