I’ve been visiting Wales long enough to know they so hate the English down here but to be English and black seems to bring out the worst in them. A recent visit to my local Tesco’s (safe you’d think going shopping) resulted in my being verbally abused by a member of their staff whom seemed to take offense to the fact that I didn’t take my trolley out the store ;o His precise words to me were “who do you think you are” and “what makes you think you’re so different from anyone else” Alarm bells ringing yet. For those like myself whom have lived all over England this rhetoric of attack is not uncommon but what is surprising is that this came from a young black male twice my size in every direction and half my age. Self hatred is a term that I would comfortably use for him. I’m not sure whether he felt threatened by my presence my confidence or by the fact that I make no apologies for who I am confident and comfortable maybe he felt I was visiting the store too often and encroaching upon his territory hahahaha but either way all the store manager had to do was lie and the problem has now become me and my attitude. Ummmm sound familiar hahahahahaha the complaints team now feel confident having been told it’s a black man complaining to either over talk me on the phone or just outright shout hahahaha and this is the team based at the CEO’s office… Oh my days I tell you I feel another Rutland experience coming on ;s that being the case watch this space as it’s going to be an interesting ten years and I’m sooooo looking forward to telling the stories of my experiences thus far two years in and even the local government official’s are confident to state blatantly that this town is run by the old boys network hahahahahaha and thus there’s no chance for me ;o I’ve got so many phone call’s to dig through but rest assured those Tesco ones are up in the top five after I’ve dealt with the local Council and Housing Association ummmmmm 2020 is it hahahahahaha 8D Xx