acas has become yet another of the governments gatekeepers to distress manipulate and frustrate those who would challenge racism within England and Wales.

For six weeks they sat on and did nothing with the proposed taking of Unison to court for prejudicial practices.

For an organisation that is supposed to be impartial they receive the majority of their funding from the UK government

There is nothing impartial about that. They are in essence a branch of the government only allowing and endorsing those cases that they feel will cause the minimal amount of disruption.

For six weeks I was told constant lies and given the run around it was only when I was able to demonstrate that fact and assure them that I was not going to be detoured that they reluctantly issued the document below. You’ll notice that the individual who’s name I provided them with is missing from the document.

I had to make several complaints each week to get this far and as yet they have provided me with no information as to the discussions they had with Unison.

Unison attended my dismissal hearing from my previous employer Amberleigh Care Ltd an act which they carried out while a grievance procedure was in place which is supposedly a protected right. At the end of the meeting my Unison representative advised my employer that due to their actions I had a claim for racial harassment and with the dismissal another for racial discrimination. The material went away to their head office and legal department and I’ll quote here “as these kinds of cases only every fail on a legality and thus we want to ensure that everything is correct before proceeding”.

That was the last I heard from Unison over three months ago. All attempts to contact them since results in “you know how to complain use the complaints procedure”…!

I’m in the process of not only making the court claim now that I have the below document but also sorting out all the recorded phone call’s I’ve had with unison prior to their silence.

It would seem that they too are heavily governmentally funded and have become another gatekeeper to reduce put off and outright discriminate against those that would dare to challenge racism in England and Wales.

Once the court claim is filed I shall update this blog to include phone call’s and un-responded to emails.

Not impressed by the conduct of either party at all.