I’m packed and ready to move. I’m not a town person for to be so like living in a city there are things you are meant to turn a blind eye to. I don’t like drug dealers they are my pet hate. Parasitic individuals who prey on the weak and vulnerable creating addictions and misery and yet for the past two years I’ve lived in a property adjacent to another both of which are allowed to be used by dealers. The original landlord’s Mid-Wales Housing informed me that as long as the rent is paid they have no issues. Money laundering? Profiteering from illegal gains? I grew up with bod’s who were criminalised for smoking a zoot or carrying a bag of weed and the same is still happening in every inner city and yet the local council, police, MP’s, Welsh Assembly are not interested in its prevention at least not here. That is the true face of racism and racist policies and policing. Like the current government is showing us do as we say not as we do.