There is no such thing as Institutional racism what this equates to is yes you were discriminated against but we don’t hold individuals accountable for their acts or omissions and thus will shield them as we do the same in their position.

This is today’s complaint to the DWP like the last two I only expect to be threatened again with stopping my benefits but it’s only a matter of time as those issues that I deal with and fight daily I see others succumb to………

This is a formal complaint in relation to the promotion and endorsement of prejudicial and discriminatory practices within working establishments including governmental departments within Wales.

As a government department you are fully aware of and endorse and promote the discriminatory and prejudicial conduct and behaviour of both local private employers and governmental agencies. As such you have actively supported and endorsed endeavors to prevent me from working within either the education sector or specialised therapeutic communities. As a government department you are aware of and support this with inaction and indorsement by directing me to seek employment outside of Wales in another field, advising me to retrain in a manual field as I will not be allowed to work in either the educational or therapeutic sectors as a direct result of efforts to restrict my economic earning capabilities. Advising me to go self-employed in a manual field and perhaps in a couple of years then start again in England by volunteering you are wholeheartedly supporting promoting and contributing to my restrictions in relation to my chosen profession and as such your actions and omissions are considered prejudicial and discriminatory. Your outright refusal to follow-up respond to or investigate instances of job losses withdrawals and DBS checks held up for up to six months indicate your complacency, endorsement, support for inappropriate and unprofessional conduct on every level.