Every black person you know needs to read this… Why? Because discrimination cases are on the rise. Whether this is as a result of individuals being willing to take on employers and others in respect of acts of discrimination or as a result of racists feeling more comfortable with expressing their hatred and dislike of others remains to be seen but the fact is cases are going through the roof in respect of numbers. In line with that fact is the fact that courts do not seem concerned enough to increase the penalties and repercussions for employers and others who choose to discriminate for discriminators are comfortable with the notion that discrimination cases continue to be restricted by an ever-increasing barrier in relation to the difficulties and burdens of proof that is placed upon those bringing such cases. This points to an awareness and acknowledgment on the part of the judiciary not only to the increase in case numbers but also reflective of the court process itself which gives confidence and security to racists in the form of ever-increasing guidelines deadlines judicial guidance and legality none of which are designed to eradicate racism but rather as hurdles and stumbling blocks for those willing to challenge acts and omissions resulting in discrimination.

I for one am frustrated with the lack of support judicial and otherwise for individuals like myself who are aware that they have been discriminated against but who do not have the financial ability to pay others for representation. In my investigations, this seems to be the greatest barrier to those wishing to pursue a case.

It is my intention to create produce gather a self-help guide for those like myself who are no longer willing to accept this current situation and thus I will endeavor to have in one place those crucial bits of information that one requires in order to register a case and take that first step in tackling discrimination and a system that is restrictive and for all intent and purpose supportive of those who discriminate.

In order to do so I will have to show my own willingness to challenge all of the above. Currently I have one case at tribunal with a previous employer and despite the courts having the opinion that I have a case the company continues to be offensive feeling confident in a legal system that allows for humiliation restriction dictation and the continual denial of the obvious. It is thus that I have reached the point where I am no longer willing to reach an out of court settlement because the right thing to do is show every aspect of this case to every black person in this country so that they are aware and informed of what to expect and what is required in the registering and pursuing of cases of discrimination. It is my intention to show the level of collusion deception and manipulation that is used by employers and their representatives in attempts to undermine discredit and humiliate those that challenge discriminatory practices the fact that we have a court system that puts such individuals in a favorable light from the very outset is way beyond concerning. Racism is business for the court’s solicitors and those that claim to be independent and impartial. The reality and truth is that everyone bar those that have been discriminated against gets paid and wins in a system that weeds out the majority of cases at the application process and every opportunity thereafter with the imposition of deadlines court procedures issues of legality and the questioning of motives.

Thus my start is for every black person to read the document “HOW TO WIN A DIRECT DISCRIMINATION CASE  Suzanne Staunton, Guildhall Chambers” https://www.guildhallchambers.co.uk/employment-barristers.html not only does this document highlight the difficulties in bringing discrimination cases but for me it put everything in context i/e the reluctance of the courts to remain impartial, the confidence of employers in continuing their discrimination and the over ridding questions of how much money do you have for those that would take on cases of discrimination. With no win no fee solicitors now wanting up to 35% for starters we can easily decern who this whole process is geared towards.

Please read and pass on to every black person you know the above-mentioned document. In the order of things this would have assisted me greatly had it been the first document I found or read.

I wish those of you on your own journeys the best of luck and do feel free to comment ask questions make suggestions for I know so many of us are going through this process alone and yet we are enduring the same thing. It’s time that changed…….