Not sure what I think of word space yet… Bit peeved to have been dictated to by msn again about my space let alone told where I can take it…… This seems to contain those aspects of msn spaces that have been whittled away over the years reminds me of the British government privitse everything and then force you to use it…!

This is me at my best and worest no hidden punches and no reason to lie for the world and it’s sheep do not scare me…. I will express how I feel and say what I mean…

Take your shoes of for do you not know that those are my vital organs upon which you are treading…..!

Its not that I am not writing anything at the moment…. it’s just that I am not putting them up on here yet…. so good to have my lappy back and be able to type with both hands… will not make a difference to my spelling but my typing can keep up with my thinking which is bloody excellent…. gonna do the libra thing and back off for a while… just got nothing constructive to say right now so might aswell shut the fuck up init…..