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A culture of acceptable endangerment

I was involved with Rutland County Council social services last week, not the first nor I suspect the last time. Their disrespectful racist discriminatory behaviour always leaves me shaking my head. They willingly continue to encourage young people to leave Oakham for nothing more than pure economic class and discriminatory reasons.

I chose to ask my seventeen year old to leave home rather than put up with a torrent of abuse and aggression which was becoming increasingly worse. I had intended to try and hang on till his eighteenth in two months but the attempted physical intimidation was a step to far especially after the encouragement of his mother a qualified approved social worker (go figure) whom recently held me from behind while he punched me in the face (I never thought I could show/have such personal restraint).

I wasn’t surprised when the police and social worker turned up but I was surprised that their concern was that I had assaulted him. I told them to get on with what ever process they thought that they needed to follow but I felt it necessary to remind them that the last time they tried that after eighteen months of investigation their own conclusion was that my older son could not be with anyone more appropriately qualified to cater for his needs ie EBDS and the judges condemnation of their stupidity at allowing themselves to be used.

I advised the social worker that I would be very much concerned should they not support my son and send him back to Colchester as they did with his brother as soon as he turned sixteen only to be put out on the streets a month later by his mother.

I’ve yet to hear from Rutland County Council but I have been made aware that my son is in fact back in Colchester this being despite my having raised my concerns that he was in danger of becoming involved in a drug culture that had already claimed and ruined the lives of two of his brothers with their mothers enforcement encouragement and support.

That in essence is a reflection of the deeply inherent discrimination held not only by these small minded inbred individuals in Oakham but as a generalisation the mentality of those whom work within social services up and down this country. There is a mentality of not prevention but perpetuation of abuse without consideration of those young people involved. A stupid blind person could see what these individuals refuse to see continually meeting after meeting and in the case of these bigots here that refuse to act upon not a one off warning but a continued warning spanning years. I advised these racists that should they send my previous son back to his mothers he would continue his drug and alcohol abuse which is why he came to me in the first place. And now with the second child after having hindsight and my continual warnings pleas and evidence of the environment he will be going into they took a day to make the arrangements for him to go….

It’s this culture of middle class superiority that has children being sexually abused in their hundreds that has a revolving door syndrome for families that to their own detriment often approach social services for support only to end up being accused manipulated intimidated and bullied for generations for one involvement is justification for any further investigation even of the next generation.

As a farther I’m in my twentieth year of fighting these assholes and I continue to watch as my children are denied an education have their life styles restricted are continually put in situations where their actual lives are in danger all because racists don’t want them in places like Rutland and will go to any extent to exclude them socially economically and politically.

I’ve today been told by rumours that my son had been excluded from one of his two college courses. Things are falling in place. I haven’t heard anything from the college but that may be because I expressed my concerns last year of their encouragement of my son to drop two other options to concentrate on triple business studies and triple sport my concern then being that failure of either would result in him not obtaining enough grades to enter university “don’t worry mr wilks we’re fully supportive here” fucking cunts….!


Court acceptance of Leicestershire Police breaking the law in order to bring about charges by a racist……………….


Something’s bugging me…. In my court appearance on Wednesday I informed the court that I was not comfortable with the notion that Leicestershire police had broken the law in order to bring about my arrest and appearance for malicious content and harassment via this site. The fact that the local school headmaster had printed off material from this site which is copy write protected and presented this to the police whom knowing my site to be copy write protected ignored this fact in order to bring about a prosecution means that the police ignored a crime in order to bring a case to court.

Now the response from the court clerk was that he had never known of anything like this in his twenty five years service and thus he was unsure of my statement to that fact. I pointed out to him that he need merely listen to my interview CD to ascertain the truth of the statement of fact. His response was that would then leave me the option of redress in one a complaint against the police and two a civil complaint against the headmaster for breach of copy write but regardless that made no difference to the current case even though it has been brought about by breaking the law.

That to me is dangerous ground for should I break into someone’s house and steal something take it to the police and tell them I stole it knowing that the person that had it had obtained it illegally would they ignore the fact that I broke into the house in order to prosecute the person I stole it from?

There is something inherently wrong with our legal system when it chooses to ignore breaches of the law and is far more concerned with bringing prosecutions than the ascertaining of the truth. That to me is not a judicial system but rather a system of systematic control of individuals and groups whom are chosen for whatever reason and brought before the courts. Our legal system is changing so fast and precedents are being set that are eroding the rights and freedoms of the British public to the point of non existence.

Racist headmaster at Catmose College


I’m trying to get my head round the facts

  1. This man stands and shouts till his red in the face and shaking with rage at my son that’s verbal and physical intimidation
  2. My son is investigated for three months continually having his every move scrutinised and being accused of every stereo typical black male behaviour you could think of and with the passing of each one he is accused of something else
  3. My son is physically assaulted by a member of the teaching staff and no one actually gives a dam in fact the opposite it’s supported by the police and the courts the local council and the local MP
  4. I’m the one now in court for harassment and malicious content on this site


My conclusion….. racism is alive and kicking in Oakham it’s not only supported and endorsed by those in political power here but reinforced by the courts especially Loughborough Magistrates Court and it’s severing solicitors Straw & Pearce but also underpinned by the Leicestershire Crown Prosecution Service along with the probation service. I don’t believe in conspiracy theories these are individuals that I have met on a continual basis over the last eight years whom are more than willing to perjure themselves in court in order to appease someone or some group of people whom think that it is right to exclude humiliate and intimidate young black males whom attend Catmose College but even further than that this is a community wide issue when the police think that it is appropriate that having my home property and children assaulted attacked and damaged within Oakham is not an arrestable offence but any accusation against myself results in a court appearance supported with the full ferocity and venom of a wounded animal.

I’m comfortable with the fact that when I attend court people turn red and look the other way.

I’m comfortable with the fact that I as an uneducated individual as is so often portrayed am able to take on the local racist police, mp, council, head master, crown prosecution service and probation service on my own.

I’m comfortable looking people in the eye and knowing that I am not lying but being lied too.

I’m comfortable with knowing the truth and not being harassed intimidated or bullied into rolling over and playing dead.

I know and understand your fear for you are inadequate individuals on every level and form and you should be afraid for your system is failing…..

To converse….  spent the day chatting with a Sikh and a Muslim. The first thing we agreed on was that your religion to a greater extent is dictated by your place of birth, your culture and your race. Second was that mans use of religion is for purely selfish means and in the majority of cases does not stem for the glorification of his name. The third was that man should not worship any image. The forth was that all men have spirituality as our common denominator and it is this that inclines us to seek religion and thus associate with that which closest fits our own spirituality. From there we informed discussed enlightened one another to the differences of our individual beliefs. People want to change for the betterment of all now all we need do is get rid of the individualism and materialism of those that govern us so that we may continue to converse and grow……

Should my death bring peace to your world I would lay down willingly not that I would wish for death but that I have known love and would rest easy knowing that this love too was known by another merely by my demise for nothing is greater than to give that which is every lasting love not of physicality but of mentality and spirit be blessed xxX

Everybody knows that something is wrong, it may not be their own personal circumstances but to look about you in this life you cannot help but see hear feel those things that are not right could do with improvement or are just dam right wrong… so if I go out and cause more misery in the world tomorrow I am accountable for that and the harm I cause to others and as such all those other adults that will rise with the morning and I are they not too accountable responsible for their actions inactions for we recreate our worlds every day and tomorrow could be so much more should we so choose I will choose to try and make a difference and you will…….. wait for god, say it’s not your concern, worry about your bill’s, car, house, food, dogs, clothes….. none of which is inappropriate for we are that which we know….. but it really is time we knew something else……!


We live in a system that is designed to be challenged… the non challenging or allowing of that system of challenge to become corrupt is to allow those in control of that system to abuse their public authority and thereby dictate their own authority

Our undemocratic legal system…..


Can there be any semblance of a democratic legal system when there be no separation between the police CPS and judiciary. The last thing I expected was to hear from the CPS after writing to the courts. But in reality it would seem that the courts are more concerned and inclined to communicate with the CPS than self representing individuals. I am fed up with using court appointed solicitors and barristers whom make deals before you even get to court or whom make representation by absence of any form of defence for this smacks of hidden agendas and the swapping of quotas and cases without regard or notion of justice and right and wrong. This smacks of the old boys network of masons and their equals are we guilty by lack of association and lack of the ability to pay for better representation. The more I have to take on the bigots the more I realise that this is not a battle to be won but one that must be fought never the less for I will not Sercombe to racist bullying intimidation victimisation or harassment regardless of if it’s a police officer school principal local MP local council members or local magistrates your authority was given unto you and you are accountable if not to me then to Jah so use and abuse what you will for we all have to stand by that which we consider to be the right thing by us Jah give me strength and guidance

Racial harassment part…? sorry lost count


This is my latest interview with the representatives of the Racist Leicestershire and Rutland Police…. the first one doing most of the speaking is the knobhead that can be heard on another interview at my home that same fool that told me I have no jurisdiction over my son the one at the end of the interview is the dam blasted fool that investigated and stated that his officers acted appropriately when five drunks tried to assault me and his officers came to make sure none of them where hurt and asked if they wanted to press charges… no wonder the country is so fucked up with fools like these given authority…!

The totality of man

Should one be thirsty then we have that ability to measure mentally the physicality of we and impose that upon the joint real of the physical and say to our selves I will go to the river and drink but being not animals we must evaluate the conditions for did we not loose a friend this way to the wild creatures down that way a man with knowledge will arm himself with weaponry that will enhance his survival but a man with wisdom will take several others with him so some can watch.while some drink thus all shall overcome but it is only man that would plot with others to kill his brother while he drinks or abandon him when the beast attacks the totality of man both wisdom and knowledge without the heart to make changes

Sent from my Xperia™ smartphone

Devil worshiping soulless bastards whom trade all that they are for material economic and political support. Are the seed of Satan really that prolific still 80’s and 90’s I was really quite surprised to see whom had sold out to take part in this rubbish and I mean every day peeps dem builders mechanics and the like but out here in inbreedland they seem to be exerting the utmost control and influence…. I can only really relate this place as I see it incestual with everyone sleeping with everyone else’s wife and cousins sleeping with cousins and not knowing they even related ;s really ghetto farm people dem I suppose it’s a miniature of the rest of society as more than half the government are mason’s and while they sell the country out from underneath us people are getting distracted with the stupidity of race culture and Idealism for the truth be known these people only have one loyalty and it’s to the control and destruction of all men

Forgiveness as a concept… I’m of the opinion that it is not mine to give. The counter argument to that is the lord’s prayer forgive us our trespass as we forgive those that trespass against us. I don’t forgive those that trespass against my children or against children per say and as such would that equate to that I am not nor ever will be forgiven. I acknowledge that which I have done and thus in essence come to terms with and forgive myself but it’s not something I would seek from another with one exception. At school we used to call this boy monkey boy and at times you could see in his eye’s that we made his life hell and that it did burn him deeply. It wasn’t until I was in my twenties that I considered came to terms with the notion concept of self hatred and as such I went looking for Devon and tracked him down in Streatham south London and asked for his forgiveness which he freely gave but that was the exception and as much about coming to terms with my own inadequacies as anything else. People tend to show us who they are by words deeds and desires and as such if I am not comfortable with who they are I don’t forgive them and continue with their rubbish I get them out of my life for one’s inclinations for a thing are strong and I don’t have the time or patience nor inclination to be changing peeps mind sets. Furthermore so many people take liberties knowing that they will be forgiven to then proceed and take that same liberty or another one and I don’t have time for that rubbish. Again there is an exception in that I have always worked with children and they in my eyes do not require forgiveness but direction understanding and love……..

Racist Rutland police and Leicestershire Crown Prosecution Service endorse the actions of the racist principal of Catmose College Oakham.


Not for the first time the racist police of Oakham have endorsed and pursued a case for malicious content upon a web site after racist have printed off material and presented it to the police knowing the site to be copy write protected. In the first instance it was the combination of three local racists the Chief Executive of Rutland County Council Helen Briggs, the MP for Rutland Alan Duncan and the principal of the local school Stuart Williams. In this instance it was clearly pointed out that these individuals had only got together after each being informed in their official capacity of the discriminatory practices within both the county council police and local community as a whole. Their combined official response was to have myself arrested thereby demonstrating their support and endorsement for the continuance of all discriminatory actions within the county of Rutland. In effect what they are saying is if you complain we will call those whom serve us i/e the racist police and have you arrested and detained. Which they have and continue to do. I think the forthcoming court case will be my 12th appearance before the judiciary in the last year. Those in power within this county seem willing and able to command not only the local police but also the local solicitors and barristers to not put forward any notion concept of a defence when I appear before the magistrates and it is thus that I have learned to be self representing for when individuals are prepared and willing to take an oath in court and lie until they blush one has to wonder who’s sucking what…?

My initial conviction for assault upon the racist whom not only verbally bullied and intimidated my son but allowed members of his teaching staff to add to this physical assaults and threats of intimidation is up for appeal but not satisfied with this he has once again gone running to the police claiming harassment. And despite the police stating that they are aware that my site is copy write protected they have accepted the presented evidence printed of the said site as evidence. Once again we are in the position of breaking the law in order to uphold the law. The fact that some one year later there is been no action or consideration of this racist intimidation lead by a school principal against my child is a clear indication of the continued willingness of these racist officers to endorse any action against myself or my family.

Once I receive a copy of my statement I shall be placing this upon the site for individuals to make up their own minds after consideration of the facts.

Modern day slavery the British governments plans

While the government’s official policy is shown as being one against modern day slavery they are in fact ushering this in in the back door by using the probation service to do those jobs in the public domain thereby saving the state an extortionate amount of money. Those upon probation are being used everywhere from cleaning cemeteries to repainting school buildings to laying roads and footpaths across England. My concern is that now with the privatisation of the probation service especially that section named community payback service it will not be long before those whom take over this service will in fact charge in order to not only make the service pay but profit. Anything that the government is involved in in the way of privatising a public service soon becomes a money making scheme for the do haves at the cost of the have not’s. Add to this mix the intention of the government to bring in legislation for those on benefits to earn that benefit by doing public works and we have a growing picture of modern day slavery where the state has moved from the position of the protector of all to the oppressor of all. These backdoor erosions of our rights and liberties are so fast and numerous in coming that before long people will have no rights whatsoever to challenge an already unaccountable political system and movement.

Half the probation service to be privatised


What is it with this stupid government and privatisation. After the fiasco of selling off the post office and doing the public out of billions of pounds I learn today that this materialistic greedy bastard of a government now intends to sell of half of the probation service. Has it not learned that that has not worked with the privatisation of prisons and police prison escort services to compound it even more there is new legislation coming in that makes those whom breach certain aspects of probation to receive immediate custodial sentences. Not only are the fuckers making it easy for themselves and their cronies to be making money from the government they are implementing a process whereby they are ensuring that once again prisons will be filled to capacity so that they have a constant income and constant revenue that’s a win win situation for the do haves and a loose loose one for those that do not it’s seriously ridiculous that they are continually changing and adapting our society to make money for themselves for gone are the days of rehabilitation and now its keep little Johnny in the revolving door system with the reduction of education within prisons and the facilitating of a culture of dependency that ensures reoffending upon release bloody ridiculous

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