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Mist of expectations

Is it that time alone that
Sets us free or merely tests
The mentality of resisting
More than the eye does see
In minds imagination
Is it that time alone that
Brings about a quiet shout
From deep within the soul
Let me out let me out and
Release this outer control
Of conformity restriction
And modesty for such things
Are not meant to be born
Out of braking the whole
Is it that time alone that
Makes us wise or merely
Does bring tear to eyes of
Missed opportunity and
Added responsibility of
Performing ones role
Is it that time alone that
We really exist released
And able to see past that
Mist of expectations and
Manipulations of all those
That we know for surely
There must be a world of
Combined unity in which
All looks the same but once
Alone no longer does this
Exist nor encroach into
Our home or brain
Is it that time alone that
Makes us once again whole

How can it be that one image

Reflects so many different things

To some hope and aspirations

But yet to others it brings despair

In all its glory for yet others still

An imaginary story of not what

They see but what they feel

Do we see with open minds

Do we view the world the same

Is there individual perception

As there is individual pain

For are not all things relative

To the ones in the centre

No wonder there is no hope

Of the world getting better

How can it be that one image

Means so many different things

If I told you I wanted to Be free

If I told you I wanted to
Be free would you believe
Me from a lifetime of
Misery of observing
Not what others have
Done not to me but the
Unwillingness to let
Others be for I see
The tears in their eyes
And truly it bothers
If I told you I wanted to
Be free could you help
Just possibly and hold
Out your hand and help
Someone stand so they
To could see past the
Shadows of life passing
By so they could look
Upon a reflection and
Recognise it as I
If I told you I wanted to
Be free

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