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Babylon set me free
Babylon set me free
For on blue mountain
Is where I want to be
Where no man own
And all call his home
For as far as the I can
See for wid our grandparents
Dem Rastas be growing
Herbs wid banana tree
To feed the I an I
Babylon set me free
Babylon set me free
Release my soul from
Dis captivity let I an I
Roam educating for free
For from dis is the future
Grown for I an I picany
And the world to be finally
All mans home
Babylon set me free
Babylon set me free

Did I not love you enough
So why did you just brush
Me off as if I was dirt in
Your eye or some passing
By flynight in your sky there
For mere amusement and
Dismissed having used and
Spent my mortality did I
Not give you all I could be
I will not say it was a mistake
But from this experience I
Must take something to set
Me free and the knowledge
That with you I’ll never be
Just may push me along I’ll
Think a while maybe write
A song on how I used to love
You so

A true reflection of family
No restrictions on who to
Be but love so tender unconditionally
Given from the heart who
We are may not be who we
Set out intentionally to walk
This path of life but loving
Kindness and support has saved
Us from that final resort of
Having to give our lives so do
Open up wide view you mothers
With pride and give thanks to
That family that have always
Supported whoever you may be
And bow down gracefully to
That unconditional family of

Is it that time alone that
Sets us free or merely tests
The mentality of resisting
More than the eye does see
In minds imagination
Is it that time alone that
Brings about a quiet shout
From deep within the soul
Let me out let me out and
Release this outer control
Of conformity restriction
And modesty for such things
Are not meant to be born
Out of braking the whole
Is it that time alone that
Makes us wise or merely
Does bring tear to eyes of
Missed opportunity and
Added responsibility of
Performing ones role
Is it that time alone that
We really exist released
And able to see past that
Mist of expectations and
Manipulations of all those
That we know for surely
There must be a world of
Combined unity in which
All looks the same but once
Alone no longer does this
Exist nor encroach into
Our home
Is it that time alone that
Makes us once again whole

Am I forgiven
For those things I wanted
To be lost in my complacency
When I was all alone before
I came home and there was
You and me for everyone has
A history some parts of which
Occasionally make us moan
An groan
Am I forgiven
For those things I’ve done
Some of which were only
Fun and only to test and
See if I could get away with
It for there is only one of
Me sometimes I have to
Wonder did outsiders stop
And ponder what it was
That motivated me
Am I forgiven
For holding tight to my
Dreams if only at night
For I realise with a fright
That there is no coming
Back from dead
Am I forgiven
For being me

I dreamt of the dead last
Night and how they clung
On to life for those last
Few seconds just before
Giving in to that eternal
Darkness and the inevitability
That death does bring
I dreamt of the dead last
And they were not happy
To see me they gathered
To petition my return in
An attempt to clear me
From a death I did not earn
In their hollow eyes were
Questions of my demise and
Why I had come willingly
To the place of their abode
I dreamt of the dead last
And upon my return to sanity
The lesson I think I did learn
Was walk your road with
Meaning from pain there
Is no screening out of human
I dreamt of the dead last
And now put on my boots
Doing up the laces tight ready
For another days fight for
Death does bring true meaning
To life

Why lie if you carnt
Handle it when caught
Out you act like a prick
A twat or some other
Cat caught with cream
On your whiskers
Why lie if you carnt
Face up to the fact
You knew the risk before
The act like a git you had
Balanced and swayed and
Your judgement you made
Before you opened your
Mouth and now the truth
Is out you angrily protest
It’s not the fact your a lier
But that the truth was
Best forgotten so you could
Stay rotten and thus digest
Your wicked deed for that
Is you at your best indeed
Why lie if you carnt
Accept the consequences due
For you would be just as
Outraged should someone
Lie to you

Just a question
Are all government employees
Endowed with a degree in
Stupidity that they somehow
Agree to fool the public they
See to some lesser extent
That they are hell bent what
Ever the extent on creating
Just a question
Are all government employees
Not able to see past that page
Of discontent they are so hell
Bent on following so diligently
If they took the time for your
Position or mine would they act
So stupidly time will tell for
They as well are loosing their
Jobs regularly
Just a question
Are all government employees
Blind to the fact that there’s
No turning back from the path
They have created for we for
The doors are closed and nobody
Knows how deceitful they could
Just a question
Are all government employees
Just plain bloody stupid




Should I let go of the chains
That bind me should I suddenly
Become free
Would I find that new found
Freedom would somehow
Redefine me
Should I let go of the chains
Of containment and no longer
Be able to see
Those restrictions of safety
That somehow also protect

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I am a Reflection of You

Out of the shadow...comes light...

Out of the shadow…comes light…

Out of the shadow I peek
Not sure of the brightness
Nor what I do seek but there
Is something tempting for
Me to be some other thing
Than shadows you see so
Out of the shadow I crawl
Not able to stand it I stumble
And fall for the brightness
Now hurts my eyes and somehow
Through anguish sorry and
Goodbyes I find myself alone
Gone is my comfort my darkness
My home
Exposed in the glare of the light
I raise up defences so ready to
Out of the shadows alone
I look back longing for that
Darkness my home

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I am a Reflection of You

Blood Stained - Hands

Blood Stained – Hands

I feel dirty myself I cannot stand
For I have committed murder
But it was not by my hand and
Yet I see the blood slowly it
Does trickle outside that glove
Of skin I do ware
That division that says to
My soul do I care that it
Was not me this time
What was the motive surely
Not mine for I did not raise
A finger but yet in my mind
The thought still does linger
That I have blood stained hands
For I looked the other way
As they made up their plans
For the killing of the youth
Not with guns but withholding
The truth that love conquers
All no longer will or able to
Stand tall for I have blood
On my hands I might as well
Have strangled them all for
I have blood on my hands

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I am a Reflection of You

I Wish...

I Wish…
… that time would stand still…

I wish I could do it again
So many lovers so many friends
Time no longer stands still
Each day that is passing is
So easily filled with distance
Of things gone by so many
Times did I laugh or cry at
Things now so precious to
Gone are those things that
Used to be me oh how I wish
That time would stand still
For so many things would
I so want to fill with passion
From this heart of mine
I must now warn you old age
Is a crime of neglect and
The stealing of time

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I am a Reflection of You

Just Give Me One Minute

Just Give Me One Minute
I’ll be ok
I’m only resting not planning
To stay
For I’m weary from the journey
Begun yesterday
Or so it would seem
Just give me one minute
Let me rest my bones
This has been hard
Travelling alone
On this dark and bumpy
Just give me one minute
Then I’ll leave you alone
To try and find
My own way
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I am a Reflection of You

Hands Of Time

Hands Of Time
Do you not see the history
In these lines
So many hello’s
So many goodbyes
Each wrinkle each line
Merely reflecting those
Hands of time
As they slowly passed by
The years
Laughter and tears
Love and fears all
Amount to the same
Over years
For the memories are

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I am a Reflection of You

Release Me

Release me
From this thing now my home
Cold as ice solid like stone
Release me and let
My soul free to roam
To where you used to
For trapped within this
Thing divine echo’s not
Heard of life there’s no
Release me
For containment is a crime
Release me from this

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I am a Reflection of You
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