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MP Alan Duncan your a cunt… you know of the raist practices of Rutland County Council and the Police, you have known for at least the last five years and yet you still choose not to do anything or get involed… in case you need clarification I said you are a cunt I fucking dare you to take me to court for slander you sorry excuse for a dick sucking bastard how the fuck you have the ordasity to hold public office and waste tax payers money is way beyond me… if you don’t want to take the matter to court let me know when you want to meet up so we can have it out as I know the dried up ballsack you got contains the majority of your sence and that’s exactly where I’d like to kick you…!

I would like to say sorry for missing out the following people, trevor phillips, teresa may, helen briggs Rutland County Council and Simon Cole police you too are cuntish and I would not want you to be left out….!

This is the man whom supports the racist actions of the police schools and council within the country of Rutland....!

This is the man whom supports the racist actions of the police schools and council within the country of Rutland….!

Jellyfish spined tosser of a headmaster takes shelter behind female assistant jokass do your wife and daughter know your doing her… While your fully able to stand two heads above my boy screaming your head off at him in front of half the school your not man enough to do it with me in fact you wanted to play I can run round my desk faster than you…. But like most bullies when confronted with your own shit you tuck tail and run just like the pussy whipped bigot that you are… Sticks and stones can hurt your bones but poking makes you cry and cry you did to the police… Did they tell you I sent them in because unlike you you pig I’m fully capable of standing my ground and accepting responsibilty for my actions I don’t need to hide behind a woman or get others to make my phone calls I think you stink and I’m not scared of telling you or anyone just that… You are a racist coward of a man who supports endorses and encourages victimisation of certain students within your school but as I told you if you continue with the harassment of my son all roads will lead to you you sorry scraggy ass git… I don’t believe in coincidence and thus your meeting with the two officers prior to my meeting and the fact that they were waiting right outside the school must have boosted your ego because of the stinking attitude you started the meeting with you must have felt safe and secure, didn’t last long did it as as soon as I stood up I could see the cowardice and fear in your eyes I done told you I’m not playing your game of go put your complaint in writing I’m playing my game of fuck with my baby boy and ill fuck you up…! I find it strange that in a small town where police are hardly ever seen two were at your school one car was parked at the top of my road and a van and another car turned up within two minutes of my not even reaching my door… But as this morning proved they will never be quick enough to save your sorry decrepit ass when I come for you and you people down the council need to heed this too cos you know your next…!

I did not know you could be arrested and de-arrested all within the space of ten minutes… I feel sorry for the young officer whom so appropriatly spoke to and questioned me and once being fully aware of the facts went in the office to seek advice from his commanding officer to find out what and if anything could be done in regards to the discrimination and harassment that my boy is facing… I heard him being shouted at from two rooms away and have made notes for my own use at a later date… But he must have had his illusion of a straight line between law and order blown away in an instant I’ve been in that situation before where the arresting officer has stated that they do not in their opinion think that either I was in the wrong or that I should be prosecuted only to be told dont think do as your bloody told and press the charges, things will be no different in this instance but it just goes to show that not all coppers are bastards until told to be so…..!

To be continued…………..

Stuart Williams principle



This is the start of the higher division of the
Haves and have nots. All court actions require
A past president and this is the one which will
Bring many repercussion. The wealthy whom
Are more protective of the stolen wealth are
More likely to have a legal weapon in their homes
This is huntsmen country and they have just
Been given freedom to shoot burglars as stated
By the judge this is the chance the took when
The went into property isolated in the country.
That is the drawing of such a clear class line
That I bit it would not take much investigation 
To uncover that the culprits in this instance were
Town or city dwellers. The legal system is an
Indication of the actions and intentions of the
True elite in this country think of what has just
Taken place without public consultation of political
Request or debate. Burgle the rich and you will
Be shot….!   


The thing is you pass these guys every day on the street… No one had anything good to say about this guy when he was alive ;s and I haven’t heard one decent comment about him since he was killed… Family boy that’s a new one to me didn’t even know he had kids let alone big family in the area ;o wtf had they us we taken more time with him could we have prevented his murder … Erm I had two run ins with him and had to tell him the next would be the last as I carnt be dealing with messers but does anyone deserve to be murdered..! We are all part of and responsible for our communities and even here in sleepy hollow the crime rates are slowly creeping up as certain peeps do what they want when they want but who can blame them we have the example of the local Rutland County Council Leicestershire Police and Catmose College that endorse a bullying policy that is second to none it was merely a matter of time before it was imitated upon the streets of Oakham… Personally I say gun dog and don’t give second chances…! I bumped into Martin Brookes two days ago, one of Oakhams more active and vocal individuals I like the way he attempts to hold the council accountable for there actions the only person I think down here that has has as many court cases with the bigots as myself ;s


The hallmark of an institution run by bigots is the continual notion of I didn’t speak to you last time lets start all over again…. The fact that you do not speak to the same person twice is irrelevant none of them read the bullshit the last person wrote down anyway and thus you are passed from pillar to post and kept busy…. Incompetence at its highest level and it is thus that I view Rutland County Council and Catmose College…! 

(a)(a)  The best thing you can do for anyone incarcerated is impart knowledge upon the.. Open your heart and send them a book…! (6)(6)

Oh if I had that sister
As loyal as you heart
So tender blood almost
Of blue reflecting those
Things that you do as
If of royalty
Oh if I had that sister
Would my eyes not see
In woman that tenderness
Meant to be the bond
Of life love and resposcessity
Clearly for such things
Were meant to be
Oh if I had that sister
Could I not help to be
That better man for
All to see that better
Man at being me
Oh if I had that sister
Would that sister not
Also have me

Did we not speak of these
Times in long distant days
And nights of reasoning and
Plight of that which was
Yet to come
Did we not speak of these
Signs knowing they were
Yet to come and willingly
Did we not spur them on
With both word and deed
Did we not speak of these
Trials and how we would
Overcome that adversary
And any lose was denial
For victory was there in
Did we not speak of these

Send a prayer on it’s way
And mention my name in
Passing for you met me upon
That road and all I had was
For the asking which you
Did willing do and then again
For your soul to Bo too upon
That journey which you perceived
My path to encounter and
Thus you did go on empty to
Walk the shadowless path
Of denial In expectation that
Your soul I would bring to the
Trial and say look closely for
This soul has been a while with
Me and blossomed to become
More than I see with a blind
Mans eyes

There is a darkness from
Which even light does flee
Solid like a wall impossible
To see past it’s boundary
But you know it’s not alone
And that murky depth does
Conceal that which would
Steal your soul and freeze
Your heart in an instant
For to stand would be stupidity
The only option is to flee
And start the chase of life’s
Mystery or lay down willingly
And accept your own defeat
I hear the darkness getting
Closer and can no longer bare
To look

Be untrue

Shattered illusions found to
Be lying out of context no
Longer space for the deception
We create to make us comfortable
In that space we call a reality
Shattered illusions found to
Clear now for us to see the
View of what’s needed a different
You with paths exposed heaven
Knows those things we can now
Reach to
Shattered illusions found to
Be no longer exclusion for the
Likes of me and you gone is
Confusion for we all know what
We must do to keep out this
Shattered illusions found to
Be untrue

Released from imaginations
Slavery eyes closed tight now
Able to see those things of
Self in how restrictive they
Be in all there consideration
And monopoly of time diminished
And now open to me
Are options open to blind
Consideration of justification
And crime where this is no
Longer my responsibility for
I have chosen not to see beyond
My capabilities for these are
The bonds I place on me now
Released from imaginations
And that desire to be something
Other that me

Bridges of glass across rivers
Of sand flowers in bloom just
Out of reach of hand moonlights
Shadow refusing to expand only
Dream walkers coming to replant
A lifetimes emotions now smaller
Than hand blown in a instant
Across this dream land lost to
A sea of imagination now room
To expand to some-others reality

That circle which hides no
Meaning concealing only the
Beginnings of it’s self now resides
Upon a shelf whilst perceiving
To be a square in it’s imaginations
Shadows hang there where used
To be no darkness is where light
Cannot see past the shadows walls
Of haziness in which light is danced
To become that which she is not
Lost to the keen eyes view of speed
And light as dances is the dream
Of confusion seen by you and me

Swing left swing right
What mood tonight will
She be in with joyous greeting
At the door will I be able
To bring some calmness to
Our space remove necessity
For to bring some armor to
This place of many battles
Lost wars once won now without
Cost to equate what was lost
In endeavors to escape the
Coming and goings of more
Misery seeking that other
For company

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