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Rutland police informed of crimes both racial and breach of human rights along with copyright laws but choose not to act….!

It has been several weeks now since my two arrest within a week… On both occasions I informed the police of crimes that were committed against myself and my son … They have had ample time to carry out investigations make inquiries and get back to me… I have heard nothing so in fact your telling me exactly what I have to do…….

If you inform the police of a crime they have a duty to act upon that information ….. Thus having been informed of several crimes on two different occasions in interview and you thus choose not to act where do you think that leaves you…. I told you people I’m not messing with you I told you I was coming and as my dad used to say if you carnt hear you must feel dam fool unno bout yu tink say yu smart…..!

People can only give you a hard time when you are trying to do the right thing
if you was doing something else they wouldn’t know
or would be too pussy scared to say or do anything back
we live in a time when banks can put people and business out on the streets
and stupid government officials are offended by the word cunt
come and tell me something to my face so I can kick your fucking teeth
out you cunts…!

Sometimes I feel the heaviness of the world

From gazes from silence from spoken word

And I have to wonder and ask my self why

Could I not be like the others with blind open

Eyes not seeing the hurt or feeling the pain

Not wanting to feel to be just normal again

Sometimes I feel the heaviness of the world

And I have to ask have I been blessed or am

I cursed for such are the things that the mind

Does bring to one in consideration and anticipation

Of the ways of my fellow beings

Sometimes I feel the heaviness of the world

And I am overcome with the weight of it all

No longer able to stand no longer tall in my

Capabilities for at such times my sanity does

Abandon me to this life of seclusion without

Listening ear amongst deliberate confusion

Of all that there seems to be here

Sometimes I feel the heaviness of the world

And would give in fade out disappear from

This world without a trace of my having been

Without knowledge of those things that I have

Seen but even death does avoid me not giving

Me the strength to destroy me and make it like

I never was

Sometimes I feel the heaviness of the world

And know that I am alone in this place that

One can not call home for it is not where the

Heart is but more like that place were deception

Was started with a view to my destruction

Lies deceit come to full mutation in the guise

Of those meant to help but instead they poke

And make me yep from the injuries to my mind

Sometimes I feel the heaviness of the world

And know that I am not part of this held as I

Am mere alone and captive to this degradation

Built in are notions and means for frustration

For some this is only a game but for me it is

That repetitive same of we hate you

You are love and I will
Not fear you nor looking
Away when your mind does
Steer you in that distant
Constellation in search of that
Other that the mind does
Conjure in order to bring
About doubt from the fall
Of reality landing in that other
Place that is meant to be but
Merely restricts the physicality
Of the body but I know this that
You are love and I will not
Deny the self

Did not the mornings kiss
Of dew awaken within thee
A tranquillity of mind and soul
So seldom do we find such
Clarity of pureness within while
We look without for those things
That have been lost since the dawn
Of mans awakening to the notion
Of greed to stand where once was
God but now no need for money
Can buy one life immortal if only
In that portal of space we call hyper
Not for its speed but for the quickness
Of humanity to take to that which is
Prosperity of the mind and body for
We now run a thousand miles and leave
Not a care or comfort behind for the body
Has remained at home

Come hold my heart with
passion should the passing
of the night not last till that
time of dawns awakening
to find me in that place of
no return

No return do I find from that
place of another kind of expression
do I see in the eye of the blind
that do seek to give direction
to what it is that has deceived
their very sight

Their very sight does drive me
with glee of imagination for that
place they would rather see my
soul drown to keep company with
the lost of the deep

The lost of the deep now know
that place for thee is where it was
made in that instant compromise be
came the companion of lies
come hold my heart

To have the self defined
can only be in the eyes of

To have the self defined
will always be that chance
to discover that which we
can not see from within

To have the self defined
is to close the door of
progression for it is thus
that we limit the mind
to all that can possibly

reading the words of another
that attempt to define and
possibly discover that which
is the self….

to be positively inspired
to seek past that look of
despise to try and find that
thing that knows no light
but only finds darkness in
the deepest of nights shadows

to be positively moved
to see what it is that motivates
those actions so rude in
the expression of their master
for to display that within
should be the only desire

to be positively

wish that I could hold you
feel you heart beat as you
lay there asleep

want to see that moment
when you open your eyes
and express that surprise
to be there once again

need that touch of reassurance
that one seeks in the night when
we hold on tight after awakening
from a dream of distorted reality


Will the night abandon
tomorrow and say goodbye
to the day and bring about
that darkness of the heart
and mind of man concealing
those things that he can and
has an inclination to

Will the night abandon
the sun and kiss goodbye
to the warmth of her beauty
forever letting go of that
thing which brings about
the seasons to explode in
all it’s glory celebrating

Will the night abandon
the dawn her misty gown
torn to shreds in that dusky
time before death and awakening
from that which we perceive to
be life

Will the night abandon
me to seek solace in that
thing that socially does
bring destruction of mine
own eyes within that seek
to find our true beginnings

Will the night abandon
it’s dreams for each morn
it does give in to its love
and defining moments as
the stars go out one by one
to reveal that which is true
love that morning

Will the night abandon
us yet again knowing of
the anguish and the pain
that is felt from it’s withdrawal
to it’s coming once again
when the body and mind
do fail to continue

Vengeance has no master for
it is the consumer of all things
that are man but justice has
a hold upon that which motivates
the hearts and minds of few
to the point of sacrifice and
in so doing brings about that
which is whole in understanding
of itself…


Looking for that which is
within the minds eye lost
in the sight of realities glare
seeking a way forward when
all steps are those of restriction

looking for that which is
not there to be found for
by it’s definition its limitations
appear as shadows to the
physical reality of it all

looking for what which is

Distant echo’s of the past
claims upon the future and
things that last
changed imagination comes
into play maybe not tomorrow
and maybe not today

Distant echo’s of the past
holding on tightly for those
things do move fast that
bring about change how
strangely we view them
while all remains the same

Distant echo’s of the past
did we not do this before
was this not the last dance
oh how the music does play
swaying us this and thata way
dance little lady dance for
me for do you not know I’m
blind and do not see those sways
of attraction am not inspired
by physical abstraction for such
are the things that only for a while
that sunshine will bring for

Distant echo’s of the past
have there hold upon so many
a thing to bring about deception
and to the heart ache only brings


If I made you my only other
what is the chance that I would
discover the true meaning of
the you would you show me
or hide that which in side makes
you all that you are would it be
a slow journey with don’t know
and but maybe I’ll reach the goal
that is true

If I made you my only other


Why is it that you do not see
the demons that past me the
demons that be all over the earth
on other considerations it may
be a curse that I do know them
for they can not hide as mine minds
eye does show them to be all
that they are

Why is it that you do not see
do you close your mind do you
not want it to be all that it truly
is for to see them once must know
of the bliss of detachment not
doing their work unaware or being
the reason why others lose care
of the mind

Why is it that you do not see

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